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Look, I know he can be aggravating, but what you have to remember is that he is not doing it on purpose. It's just how he is. He is also loyal and trustworthy, and we have fun together...You know what, Sheldon is the smartest person that I have ever met. He is a little broken and he needs me. I guess I need him, too.
~ Leonard describes his friendship with Sheldon.

Leonard Hofstadter is a main character of The Big Bang Theory. He is played by Johnny Galecki. Leonard is the leader of the the Big Bang Theory gang. Just like Sheldon Cooper, he also wants to win a Nobel prize.  Leonard is friends with Howard Wolowitz, Rajesh Koothrappali, Bernadette Rostenkowski, Stuart Bloom and sometimes Sheldon Cooper who was his roommate. He has a girlfriend Penny.  They had an on and off relationship.  But it is back on and they are engaged. Sheldon is the main antagonist on the show and the reason why Leonard puts up with him because he saved his life in the elevator and owes him his life when they first met.  Many times Leonard wanted to move out of the apartment and want to ditch Sheldon.  But mostly he puts up with him because he is like a tag along little brother but he is family and so does his friends. Howard, Raj, Bernadette, Stuart and Penny only put up with Sheldon, because they like Leonard and Sheldon comes with the package.

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