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He's a doctor, and a ninja. Badass

Dr. McNinja is the main character of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and comes an Irish-American family who are also ninjas. Likewise, he has the skills of a doctor and the soul of a healer, but he won't hesitate to get violent with anyone who deserves it.


Doctor McNinja is a vigilante, has no qualms about killing bad guys, and his office suffers gunfire and explosions frequently. But he's also a dedicated doctor, and can cure almost any normal or supernatural disease. He has a gorilla sectretary and a pet raptor named Yoshi. He has fought many enemies through out the years including pirates and zombies. He also had a crossover with Axe Cop.


Dr. McNinja can casually lift up and and throw a vending machine in the first issue. Additionally, he can punch ghosts by humming the Ghostbusters theme. The most notable example of his feats is that he can jump with enough force to propel him out of the Moon's gravity well and back towards Earth was simply a matter of learning the correct technique.

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