Dr. Osborn, please, the performance enhancer aren't ready!
~ Dr. Stromm
Dr. Mendel Stromm is the professor in the 2002 film Spiderman. 
Dr. Stromm


In the film he is depicted as a scientist employed by Oscorp Technologies assisting Norman Osborn in developing his Human Performance Enhancers for the military. However when funder General Slocum visits Oscorp to examine their progress he expresses doubts in the Enhancers' effectiveness because the initial mouse test subjects having demonstrated violent insanity, much to Norman's dismay. He recommends the serum be taken back to formula.

Despite his doubts, he nonetheless assisted Norman in his attempt to test the still-unstable serum on himself. The test goes haywire and after noticing the pending disaster Stromm halts the test and releases Norman. After acquiring his powers, Norman's resulting 'Goblin' personality killed Stromm in an uncontrollable rage by strangulation. Norman awoke the next day on the floor of his penthouse and was informed of Stromm's death. He eventually remembers the event, causing him to doubt his own sanity.

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