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Dr. Michael Gehabich is the heroic side character and Alice Gehabich's grandfather from the Bakugan series, he was first meet Naga, a Dragonoid who absorbed the negative energy to turn Michael and Alice into Hal-G and Masquerade, after Naga's defeat, he was cured of Hal-G and lives with his granddaughter Alice.

Michael Gehabich or Dr. Michael, is a character in the anime Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is the grandfather of Alice Gehabich. Similar to how Alice can become Masquerade, he also has a negative split personality in the form of Hal-G, as whom he is seen as for the majority of his appearances in the anime. He first developed Hal-G when a large amount of negative energy from the Silent Core infiltrated his lab. After Naga was defeated by Drago, he was completely freed of Hal-G's possession and returned to his normal self to reunite with his granddaughter Alice.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

He is first seen in Moscow with Alice, fixing the gate to New Vestroia. When he tests it by sending a Russian doll, it fails to teleport he tries it with a Gate Card and it teleports. However, unknown to him or Alice, it sent thousands of gate cards into New Vestroia, one which is caught by Spectra and given to Professor Clay. Later Michael used the technology of Lync's gauntlet to fix the gate thus preventing Alice, Runo, and Julie from going to New Vestroia along with Dan and Baron, as they did not have gauntlets which were required to be able to enter.

Later, Klaus von Hertzon reveals that he worked with Dr. Michael in rebuilding the dimensional transportation by funding the project and to mass-produce the device. This explains how Klaus made it to and settled in on Vestal.


As Alice and Michael have the same last name, it is assumed that he is Alice's paternal grandfather.


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