Dr. Morris is the doctor of the town of New Wolfington who becomes an ally of the 12th Battalion and a supporting character in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


After the meteor strikes occurred, Dr. Morris became regarded as a hero in New Wolfington by caring for the surviving civilians there and nursing them back to health. After meeting Captain Brenner, Morris agrees to merge the civilians of New Wolfington with those of Brenner's Wolves. He also helps the 12th Battalion find a factory that will supply them all with enough food to survive, but unfortunately by the time they get there it had been destroyed by Caulder.

As the 12th Battalion heads to a nuclear shelter they learned about from Isabella, Dr. Morris cares for Isabella and discovers she is infected by the Creeper. He somehow cures her once they reach the shelter, and later tries to find a cure for the advanced version of the virus.

After the 12th Battalion is victorious against Intelligence Defense Systems and obtains the cure for the virus, Dr. Morris administers it to the civilians infected with the virus.

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