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You're crazy. You need some help.
~ Dr. Phil's famous quote.

Dr. Phil McGraw is the host of the tabloid TV program The Dr. Phil Show and a living meme.

Dr. Phil is the host of the The Dr. Phil Show, a program that covers a wide variety of topics including "weight loss, financial planning, errant children, gift suggestions, children who have been diagnosed with autism, unhappily married couples, rebellious teenagers, mothers who dress far from their age, mothers who refuse to attend weddings, children being stars and their parents' rights, the emotional benefits of controlling, dysfunctional families, mothers who refuse to give their married sons money, and support for charitable causes" according to Wikipedia. Clips of Dr. Phil's show can be found on YouTube on his official YouTube channel, TheDrPhilShow.

Dr. Phil is known for owning spoiled teens who go on his show with facts and logic. In addition to Dr. Phil's debate powers, he is also able to grow stronger through Internet memes made about himself.

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