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Dr. Otto Scratchansniff (usually referred to as just Dr. Scratchansniff and sometimes a nickname said by the Warners "Scratchy") is a character from Animaniacs. He is the psychiatrist at Warner Bros. who speaks with a thick Austrian accent.

He was voiced by Rob Paulsen who also voiced Yakko Warner and Pinky, Raphael in the TMNT 1987 version, Donatello in the TMNT 2012 version Antoine D'Coolette from Sonic the Hedgehog (SATAM), and Carl Wheezer from The Adventuers of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Dr. Scratchansniff is the Warner Bros. studio psychiatrist. He has the unfortunate duty of trying to tame the Warners, which always leads to him getting utterly frustrated (and in the case of his first sessions with them, tearing out his hair). However, he seems to get along with them well (when he's not being terrorized), and they seem to consider him a father figure.

Personality and Traits

Dr. Scatchansniff solemnly tries to tame the Warner Bros., but has little to no success. In fact, he has worked at Warner Bros. for fifty years, implying that he must be at least in his mid-70s, despite his relatively spry demeanor. His patients over the years have included Edward G. Robinson, Peter Lorre, Better Davis, Rex Harrison, the Invisible Man, Jack Nicholson, Cher, Clint Eastwood, and Michael Keaton. He occasionally uses a puppet, named Mr. Puppet Head, when treating children to help them talk about their feelings.