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Dr. Shade is a major character in Mini Fighter and he guides the heroes to victory in defeating Delta-M.


Dr. Shade appears to be an elderly man with a white beard, glasses, red clothes, and a small flower pot on the top on his head.


Dr. Shade is the mentor of Cro. Kang refused to be in his side nor Delta-M's side and he found monsters in the woods trying to attack villages. He guided Kang and Cro and the other heroes to stop the monsters to save the world. He is caring towards the young cyborg girl Xiah and helped her remember her time as a normal human being. He met the green haired soldier Raizin had him join his forces. He began to help Raizin develop a weapon plan on attacking Delta-M. A mysterious being named Delta-M plans on ruling the world then, Dr. Shade warns the heroes to stop his evil plans. Later, Dr. Shade lost his life from Delta-M. His most talented disciple Cro felt really angry and heartbroken over his loss. Elly felt her heart sinking after Dr. Shade died and he cared for Elly a lot. The heroes started their journey to stop Delta-M and avenge the loss of their Dr. Shade.


Dr. Shade is a really kind and caring old man who has a strong dislike for evil. He is willing to help the heroes stop Delta-M's plans on attacking the world of Mini Fighter.


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