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Well, Judy thought, if we can't touch the hearts of every man woman and child, then what are we even doing here. What's our point. She said it less pessimistically of course, the darling… but that was the idea. In the world's time of need, it's not enough that we give those gifted enough to be born with magic in their bodies more magic in their lives. Our truest dedication needs to be to those people who don't know magic. Who don't know wonder. Who don't know what it's like to be awestruck in the confines of their own room. Those people that never believed in Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy. Those are the people we need to touch. And those people don't get magical toys. Other people make sure that they don't.
~ Holly Light to Dr. Justine Everwood in SCP-445-EX.
We hope you'll share these with a few more of your guests and get some top-notch results!

With all honesty though, we make these products because many don't get the chance to experience a proper childhood, or even celebrate such a unique time of year. So during that magical time when the mundane blend with the uncanny, we want to celebrate it right and give a little more.

Cause that’s what it’s all about, right?
~ Dr. Wondertainment to the SCP Foundation in SCP-3992.
Crafting joy, madness,
misters, toys, and happiness!
Just while supplies last!
~ From "SCPoems"

Dr. Wondertainment is the name given for an anonymous entity separate from the SCP Foundation. It is either a reality bending individual or a business that supplies an assortment of toys and gadgets that exhibit anomalous properties (many of which are contained by the SCP Foundation).

The group is one of the most well-known elements of the SCP universe, being featured in numerous articles. It is one of the many "SCP-001" proposals and the overarching protagonist in the "What a Wonderful World" canon.


Possible Origins

It is unclear who Dr. Wondertainment is or when exactly it was formed. Although the Foundation suggests it could be the name of either the individual that founded the company or perhaps the actual name of the company itself.

In the early times, a man named Polyakov discovered the plant notes of Pangloss and began farming them. After Pangloss took notice of this he rewarded Polyakov by teaching him how to use the Flame of Wonder present between the world and the living beings. Polyakov used his new ability to create machines and miracles of wonder which earned him the title of Wonder-Maker.

However, one night some people broke inside the workshop of Polyakov, with the intention of stealing his wonders, but when one member of their group named Wan began messing with one of the complex objects it exploded on her face. This caused the burglars to flee from the now partially destroyed workshop, leaving behind a wounded Wan. Polyakov woke up because of the explosion and when he entered his workshop he became dismayed that most of his creations were destroyed before finding Wan unconscious. Holding no resentment towards her he healed the young woman by replacing her damaged body parts with metal. He taught her just like Pangloss had taught him. She became his disciple until Polyakov retired due to his age leaving Wan to use her new powers to explore the universe.

The company of Doctor Wondertainment was founded in 1909 by Chester Williams, an African-American, non-anomalous man from Boston, and was later joined by magician Maria Herring who helped in creating magical products. Williams was the original holder of the Dr. Wondertainment mantle and the face of the company while Herring mostly helped behind the scenes. The company was first started in a back alley since that was all that Williams could afford, but thanks to its success Dr. Wondertainment began to grow but they were then warned that magical stuff wouldn't last as they got bigger so they should instead stay low from public view. Because of this, the duo bought from an extradimensional estate agent some interdimensional space in the back of the shop and as time went on the space grew and became known as Wonder World where the employees hired would help create many wonderful products.

The company of Doctor Wondertainment was founded by African-American toymaker John Schuster in 1845 in Chicago after he left his job at The Factory. He became determined to spread the joy of Wonder and Entertainment throughout the world, and so he became the original Dr. Wondertainment, creating the platonic thought form that would become known as Dr. Wondertainment. Schuster was succeeded by Dr. Mortimer Carlyle from Marshall Carlyle and Darke after he was moved by the spirit of Wondertainment into spreading joy and turned the Dr. Wondertainment brand into a proper company, but it also became more capitalistic in nature, in order to establish more market dominance.


Dr. Wondertainment follows a list of essential key concepts to its creations:

  • It is a Capitalist Construct.
  • It makes toys aimed towards children.
  • It is "childish and playful" (whether or not this claim is true is up for debate).

The Company produces a number of "children's toys" and magical inventions meant as a form of entertainment to express imagination and fun. Although some of the products are considered safe and harmless (such as SCP-1997 and SCP-3301), others are considered terrible (such as SCP-1799), dangerous (such as SCP-609), or even controversial (pretty much every one of its products).

Despite its reputation, Dr. Wondertainment considers itself well-meaning to its purpose and does not mean to create its products as a form of weapons, rather as a form of curiosity.

Relationship with anomalous factions

Dr. Wondertainment claims that it has an affiliation with the SCP Foundation after the latter first contained the company's specially branded Super Paper (dubbed SCP-445 by the Foundation).

The group known as Gamers Against Weed have created their own line of misters as a parody of Wondertainment's line. Apparently, Dr. Wondertainment is unaware of this, since when Herman Fuller tried to start his own line of Little Misters, he was threatened with a lawsuit.

Dr. Wondertainment has an extreme animosity and hatred towards The Factory due to their past history and can be considered as archenemies. They also seem to have a complicated relationship since they had an agreement that The Factory would contribute to Dr. Wondertainment by providing products but this agreement was eventually dissolved by Holly Light.

The Chaos Insurgency once attempted to take over the company of Dr. Wondertainment by having their double agent Jubal Gollancz to become their puppet leader. However, Gollancz became overwhelmed by the spirit of the company and abandoned the Insurgency, becoming a full member of Dr. Wondertainment.

Among their employees, Dr. Wondertainment has also hired a number of Are We Cool Yet? members mostly due to their ability at creating anomalous objects.

Manna Charitable Foundation seems to have a mutual and friendly relationship with Wondertainment as it has accepted various donations from the company in form of anomalous and non-anomalous products.

Dr. Wondertainment has a mutual agreement with Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. since the company is known to supply the English auction house with various and even limited products.

Dr. Wondertainment seems to also have a good relationship with the Serpent's Hand. It has even been suggested that there are Ways, interdimensional roads connected to the Wanderer's Library, leading to Wonder World.

The criminal organization known as the Chicago Spirits have used Wonder World for storage from 1929 to 1932.

Between Dr. Wondertainment and Wilson's Wildlife Solutions there haven't been that many interactions, apart from SCP-3879's case, mostly due to the Foundation prohibiting WWS from interacting with the company.

Dr. Wondertainment is a notable presenter in Deer College's bi-annual career fair and has hired from time to time from its alumni.

Dr. Wondertainment also has a mutual agreement with Ambrose Restaurant in which the toy company sells to Ambrose toys for the Restaurant to give to clients along with children's food in a "Happy Meal" style.

Dr. Wondertainment is one of the many sponsors of "Professor Abnormal's Science Lab" educational show for children.

At some point, an iteration of Nobody was both the director of Dr. Wondertainment, and the Critter of AWCY?. He was later killed during the "Cool War".

Notable Products

Collection of all of the Little Misters from the first line.

  • The Little Mister Collection:  A set of humanoid products created by Cornelius Młynarczyk using Daevite rituals involving homunculi infused with souls of children, that behave like humans, but exhibit anomalous properties; the collection originally consisted of around 20 individuals:
    • Mr. Clank: A automaton made out of machinery. It is seemingly uncontained by the Foundation.
    • Mr. Combustible: A Little Mister who can light himself and everyone else around him on fire if near something that can ignite fire.
    • Mr. Clumsy: A Little Mister who due to his incompetent nature always ends up accidentally dying one way or another before being revived and dying again.
    • Mr. Mission: A Mister acting as a secret agent. He is seemingly in love with Ms. Sweetie.
    • Mr. Feather: A skinny man wearing a suit and a hat filled with feathers, and possessing a bird in his chest. He is also seemingly in love with Sweetie.
    • Mr. Purple: A disturbed Mister who can only talk in Purple Prose.
    • Mr. Chameleon (SCP-905): A Mister made entirely out of light which constantly leaves his body. Due to this he is unable to interact with physical objects, but can move through transparent objects. His physiology allows him to hide easily from people, but because photons constantly leave his body he must be fed more light in order to not disperse.
    • Mr. Headless (SCP-2287): A Mister who lacks his head. Despite this he is able to see, hear, talk and think. He was originally supposed to be a Halloween decor before being detained by the Foundation.
    • Mr. Laugh (SCP-1799): A Mister whose body appears as that of a clown. Everything he says is always regarded as extremely funny causing those who listen to him to uncontrollably laugh. This causes great depression in him and has been put on suicide watch.
    • Mr. Forgetful (SCP-909): A Mister who cannot memorize anything shown to him. When people manage to make him remember something, this causes those same people to forever forget that something.
    • Mr. Shapey (SCP-3537): A polymorphic Mister who can uncontrollably transform into different random people through an unknown painful process. It is stated that it was the very first Little Mister whose appearances he took inspired the appearances of succeeding Misters.
    • Mr. Soap (SCP-1908) A Mister whose body constantly secrets soap.
    • Mr. Hungry (SCP-913): A African-American Mister who needs to be constantly fed every two hours. If not fed then he will enter a trance and consume everything on his path.
    • Mr. Brass (SCP-629): A metallic Mister with organic components. Acted as a musician for the kids musical band the Little Misters, playing the brass musical instrument. He was briefly detained by the Foundation before being released back into the public.
    • Mr. Hot (SCP-644): A Mister of Italian descent who can predict if anyone has children or not, be it biological or adopted, and can precisely assume what products those children want. He acted as a Marketing Consultant for Wondertainment.
    • Ms. Sweetie (SCP-2396): A female Mister with pink hair and irises, who makes every male near her wanting to get far away from her. Needs to be always fed sugar in order to survive and when supplied with sugar her body will produce candies which when consumed by males will transform them into strong candy-like beings who will attack any male and serve any female. She was created for girls who were tormented by their brothers.
    • Mr. Life and Mr. Death (SCP-1007): The corpse of a Mister residing inside a coffin. When the key on his back is turned, the corpse reverts back to an infant and after the key has been fully turned the baby will come to life and over a period of 75 minutes will undergo the entire human life cycle before dying of old age again. It is hypothesised from his title that he may have a counterpart known as Mr. Death.
    • Mr. Fish (SCP-527): A normal human Mister with a head of a fish.
    • Mr. Moon (SCP-917): A Mister whose face changes depending on the lunar cycle. During the new moon his face will disappear completely, while during the full moon his face appears as normal.
    • Mr. Redd (SCP-REDD): A Mister who has been possessed by the Scarlet King and as a result became a murderous psychopath, and became extremely feared by the other Misters. He is currently uncontained by the Foundation.
    • Mr. Money (SCP-2855): A Mister of Hispanic descent who is affected by business transactions made regarding his ownership, causing him to be teleported to his new owner.
    • Mr. Lost (SCP-920): A Mister of Asian descent who involuntarily wanders around the world. Attempts at relocating, contain or transport him have failed due to people interacting with him becoming lost and receiving an urge to follow him.
    • Mr. Lie (SCP-2284): A Mister of Indian descent who is unable to make true statements, but people who listen to him will always perceive his lies as true. Because of this he can only talk in rhetorical questions. He is seemingly the direct brother of Mr. Stripes.
    • Mr. Mad (SCP-2428-1): A Mister of Slavic descent wearing a multicolored straitjacket who appears as a hallucination to the person who holds his document while being alone. He was created to act as an imaginary friend and is capable of interacting with the imaginations of his host and fellow Little Misters. He is also capable of producing anomalous pills and believes that he was once a real normal human before being transformed by Wondertainment.
    • Mr. Scary (SCP-2933-A): A Mister, also known as Mr. Smiles, originally created by The Factory and residing within a steel structure in a large saltwater reservoir, which was constructed by his "father", Bertrand Wondertainment, to contain him and keep his rust from spreading. The structure is comprised of a labyrinth which is controlled by Mr. Scary and any person or machine which enters the structure becomes infected with rust.
    • Mr. Stripes (SCP-2148): A Mister of Indian descent with a blindfold covering his eyes. When he learns information regarding a person or object through vision, all physical and digital information he learned regarding said person or objects is covered with black bars. This is not permanent, since the information can be rewritten and Amnestics are capable of counteracting his properties. He was told by his brother Mr. Lie that he was the first Little Mister.
    • Mr. Silence (SCP-3790): A mentally broken disfigured Mister created as a result of a operation conducted by Skitter Marshall on Bertrand following the latter's visit to the Factory. After Marshall denied Bertrand access to the newly created Mr. Silence he had the Mister locked by Adam Bright of the Department of Abnormalities.
    • Mr. Bear (SCP-4468): Non-anomalous plush animals which secretly manifest near a terminally ill child who had been visited by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. When these children hug or treat the plushies in a gentle way they will feel as being comforted or hugged before expiring three weeks later.
    • Mr. President (SCP-5813-1): The very first unofficial Little Mister created by Dr. Waksmundski using SCP-5382. He was created as a commission of the American Secure Containment Initiative and modeled after Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of USA later designated SCP-5813. This double acted as a replacement for 5382, but this later inspired Waksmundski to create the Little Misters line.
    • Mr. Remembrance (SCP-5289): A tall indestructible cube made out concrete and rebar which previously served as a "Containment Chamber" by the American Secure Containment Initiative for various anomalies and is currently stucked at Site-19. When O5-2 entered the chamber she seemingly got trapped inside with the door vanishing.
    • Mr. Fish (SCP-5527): The carcass of a whale with modified human organs. When someone consumes parts of its body the person gains the property of underwater breathing for twelve hours.
    • Mr. Toxic (SCP-1019-A): An amalgamation of human bodies in a spherical shape. It possesses low intelligence and is currently residing within a copy of Site-179's underground components.
    • Mr. Collector (SCP-5760): Also known as Mr. Atonement, this Mister is the ancient mummified corpse of the creator of the Little Misters and former president of Wondertainment and O5-4. Despite being a corpse, Mr. Collector is seemingly still alive, since his nervous system is still functioning.
  • The Amazing Alternative Animal: A line similar to the Little Misters line comprised of animals which also exhibit anomalous properties:
    • Carlos the Cool Capybara: A capybara which constantly keeps temperature around itself at 21.1°C no matter the conditions.
    • Ferdinand the Fancy Fish: A normal fish with the head of a human.
    • Hubert the Hilarious Humuhumunukunukuapua’a: A unknown creature which makes people who talk about it to always refer to it as a "humuhumunukunukuapua'a".
    • Jerome the Jolly Jellyfish: A non-dangerous moon jellyfish with a smiley face imprinted on its bell.
    • Mel the Manly Moose: A humanoid moose who is a member of the Serpent's Nest, the leaders of the Serpent's Hand.
    • Quincy the Quaint Quagga A domesticated quagga.
    • robert the rich rodent: dado's guinea pig which besides acting as his pet also acts as his business partner.
    • Sammy the Superfluous Serpent (SCP-4225): A sentient colorful snake capable of human speech. When someone tries to converse with him, they can only speak using words which start with "s" or soft "c".
    • Vivian the Vocal Viper A female snake resembling Sammy. She is currently uncontained by the Foundation and she was only seen alongside Sammy in a photo of Sammy produced by SCP-978.
    • [DATA X-SPONGED] (SCP-1459-J): A species of sponges with the appearance of an "x". When they are brushed over words, they absorb the words and leave behind blank spots.
  • Dragon-Snails (SCP-111): Snails who have been modified to incorporate classic features of a dragon such as the head resembling that of a dragon, the ability to breathe fire and hardened eggshells. They come in various types which include: Slimybellies, Oozedrakes, Goowyverns, Blobworms, Glowdrakes, and Gunkwyverns.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Super Paper (SCP-445): A set of 11"x 17" paper that is denser and more durable than normal paper. When folded, it will animate into the object in question, and can only be unfolded by the person who folded it. Tests also show that it is highly resistant to the properties of SCP-073.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Origami Ori-Games (SCP-445-EX): A collection of origami kits containing 36 normal square pieces of colorful construction paper and a instruction paper booklets on how to make origami figures. When salt is poured on them it activates the dielectric elastomers within the paper that make them appear as moving. The company created this product in order to appeal to children who lived outside of the Veil of Secrecy since the company was going bankrupt from insufficient income.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Ontological 6-Balls (SCP-609): A collection of anomalous green "6" billiards balls (designated SCP-609-1) that can be manipulated by thought, and can teleport anywhere (including the moon); they do not show any signs of being actual objects, rather as "immaterial manifestations".
  • Robo-Dude (SCP-846): A small plastic sentient robot which obeys to its manufacturer and current owner. It possesses several"Robo-Accessories", some of which include real functioning firearms.
  • Wondertainment Land (SCP-949): An amusement park located in an undisclosed region which is under construction and because of this if often completely disappears and it comes back will include new attractions. Such attractions include: Hook a Duck!, Spooky Manor, Random River Rapids, and Bumper Cars!.
    • SCP-949-1: A group of sentient mascot costumes which are completely filled with wool. They always maintain a cheerful behavior regardless of the situation, and act as staff and maintenance for the park.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons (SCP-1079): Packets of pink, bonbon-like candies that when consumed, secrets the consumer's blood pink, but doesn't pose an immediate health risk. Packets warn not to consume more than one candy in a sitting, and consuming 4 or more in one go has proven to be almost always fatal.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Young Surgeon's Transplant Kit (SCP-1103): A set of commercially packed human body parts derived from SCP-1308 which can serve as additional body parts if fused with an organism.
    • Dr. Wondertainment's Tube of Wonderlube (SCP-1103-2): A tube containing a liquid derived from SCP-1308 which is similar to blood plasma and when applied to organisms causes a temporary loosening of intercellular bonds accompanied by mild fluorescence which allows new organic tissue to fuse with the organism.
  • Mikey, the Chore Buddy (SCP-1508): A sapient toy robot made out of cardboard, paper, and plastic. It was created to assist children in their chores before it abandoned its purpose.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Custom-Pets (SCP-1550): Larvae creatures which will undergo metamorphosis transforming into different animals depending on the environment they are.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Infinite Fun-Book (SCP-1997): A seemingly endless activity book with educational activities in which some contain content that makes no sense. Such activities include:
    • SCP-1997-3: A "Spot The Differences!" puzzle featuring an alien landscape. (Completed)
    • SCP-1997-28: Connecting Apollo astronauts to their respective missions. (Completed Incorrectly)
    • SCP-1997-112: A crossword puzzle measuring 2m x 2m (approx. 6.5 ft. x 6.5 ft.). (Partially Completed)
    • SCP-1997-365: Unscrambling the names of 13 planets. These include the planets in our solar system as well as ones outside of it. (Incomplete)
    • SCP-1997-874: A cryptogram message from "Commander Nova" containing 1987 characters that has yet to be deciphered by Foundation personnel. (Incomplete)
    • SCP-1997-1038: Connecting over 25,000 dots to draw engineering schematics for a Mars lander that matches no known prototype. (Incomplete)
  • WonderShipping (SCP-2445): A normal truck which has been modified by Wondertainment to help transport and spread their products.
    • SCP-2445-1: A modified engine which produces more power than that of a normal one and directly connects to SCP-2445-2.
    • SCP-2445-2: A black metallic cube placed between the driver's and passenger's seat which appears to be the main source of the truck's anomaly. This device is connected to a control touchscreen which displays the word WonderVision and offers the driver options which can cause a variety of anomalous actions such time manipulation, tracking, invisibility, and teleportation of Wondertainment products.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Make-the-Tears-Go-Away Pony (SCP-2514): A horse which only feeds on sugar and will occasionally expel lit pyrotechnic stars while emitting an altered version of the song "Happy Birthday to You" at a high volume addressed to Jeremy Huertes. People who listen to the song will experience intrusive thoughts of joyful memories, and a strong compulsion to smile, but despite this they will feel extreme discomfort. If exposed for more than four times to the horse people will develop various medical complications. If people near it die from various circumstances they will temporarily be brought back to life and surround the horse before trying to comfort Jeremy. It was created by Isabel Wondertainment after Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Scarf (SCP-2991): An old sapient scarf capable of stretching itself created to cuddle its owners. Apparently Dr. Wondertainment didn't intent to make it a product to sell it as after the Foundation acquired it the company requested that Scarf to be returned to them unharmed.
  • THE FOUNDATION (SCP-3301): A silver box containing a board game of variable size and shape that always contains a smaller silver box of similar appearance to the larger one containing the game. The game appears to be based off of the SCP Foundation itself, and the rules suggest it resembles that of a role-playing game.
  • WALTER THE MUSICAL JOLLY APE (SCP-3879): A mechanically-altered gorilla with the purpose to act as a attraction bringing joy. However, it's the only surviving member of its line and was mistreated by the previous head of Wondertainment, causing the gorilla to develop depression. After Holly Light became the new president of Dr. Wondertainment she gave the poor gorilla to Wilson's Wildlife Solutions in order to help it move on and live a more happy life.
  • Wondertainment Whacky Halloween Fun Masks (SCP-3992): A set of Halloween masks which when worn by anomalous individuals with abnormal appearance will change the wearer's body into that of a human adolescent of varying gender wearing a costume which corresponds to the mask's motif. It was created by Dr. Wondertainment to allow such individuals to participate in Halloween and blend with normal humans.
  • PROOF OF CONCEPT- NOT FOR MANUFACTURE- R&D DEPARTMENT (SCP-4046): A microcomputer kit with a similar appearance to the Telmac 1800 series. When children between the ages of 4 and 11 input into the computer what they want to become when they grow up they go unconscious and dream a life working in their chosen profession.
  • The Maze 2: The Game (SCP-4390): A pocket-dimension which can be accessed through a walk-in fridge inside the basement of a restaurant on the west side of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This pocket-dimension contains a massive labyrinth with shifting walls which are completely covered by fabricated vegetation and inhabited by fabricated animals. The labyrinth served as a massive game since it contained intelligent entities which could manipulate the labyrinth to make the players' experience much harder, and if a person dies their spirit can help other players to win the game at which they would be brought back to life. It was created as a competing game to SCP-3301 by Isabel's cousin Yancy who after being refused the post as director of the company went to create a knock-off company named Professor Amazementopia.
  • Wonderman (SCP-4640-3): A superhero-like entity created by eleven year old boy named Andrew Feeks from his imagination using an anomalous pin of Wondertainment origin. The entity's sole purpose is to protect Andrew from danger perceived by the boy and would use its own amnestic to make Andrew forget various traumas.
  • My Unicorn Friend (SCP-4714): An unknown number of unicorn plushies made out of real unicorn hair for young girls. They were created by Isabel after she and Chaz Ambrose killed an individual named Sal after he failed to provide them real unicorn material of quality. If girls who matched the appearance of Sal's deceased daughter said the phrase "I want to play with the unicorns, too!" while holding an instance of SCP-4714 they would be transported to Sal's ranch where he kept his unicorns.
  • Christmas Carl by Dr. Wondertainment (SCP-4745): A plastic snowman which only activates when a top hat is put on it. When it is activated, it will decorate the room it is in with Halloween-themed decorations. However, when left activated for too long it will manifest more mature decorations, eventually manifesting "decorations" made out of real human flesh, disembodied voices and creating pocket dimensions filled with graveyards.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Guide to History (SCP-4890): A hardcover children's pop-up book which when opened inside a room it transforms said room into an infinite purple space which can take the form of historical events as presented in the book, but the events showed by the book are often inaccurate and ridiculous.
    • Dr. Papertainment (SCP-4890-1): A small origami figurine found within the book resembling the mascot of the company. When the book is activated, the figurine will animate and grow to the size of a regular human. It is capable of manipulating the purple space and uses it to present to the user of the book historical events.
  • dr playtime kit for the kiddos (SCP-4949): A toy doctor kit created through the combined collaboration of Wondertainment and dado. This kit allows children to operate on living humans just like real doctors and always results in the child's aim.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Quantum Teaching Resources (SCP-5367): A set of three devices "For when the classical way isn't working" originally produced by The Factory:
    • THE QUANTIZER (SCP-5367-1): A toy-like pistol which convert subjects it is pointed at into various electromagnetic waves.
    • THE DIFFRACTOR (SCP-5367-2): A cube-like device which convert the room in which it is activated into a medium capable of diffracting living beings and the objects that are being interacted with, and all actions done by living beings appear to happen simultaneously.
    • THE ENTANGLER (SCP-5367-3): A rectangular device which causes the minds and bodies of subjects who walk underneath it to become cognitively entangled.
  • A Foundation First Readers Book (SCP-009-J): A children's book filled with images some of which depict several SCPs with the captions asking the reader where SCP-009-J is before stating that SCP-009-J is in fact the reader.
  • A VILE Machine (SCP-V1l3-J): A slot machine which produces romantic stories with two SCPs or Foundation personnel randomly selected by the machine.
  • A PULPy Machine (SCP-PU1P-J): A slot machine which produces "pulp magazine" revolving around an SCP randomly selected by the machine.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderland chocolate bank of true sweetness (SCP-003-INT): A package depicting the two creators, each designated SCP-003-INT-A and SCP-003-INT-B, filled with chocolates created through the collaboration with fellow anomalous company named "Das Wunderkabinett". Most of the time the box is empty due to not being the right time to eat. When the time is right 1 to 12 pralines, designated SCP-003-INT-P, manifest inside the box and when a child eats one their biggest wish will come true.
  • Dr. Wondertainment’s Interdimensional Line and Lure: A long pink fiberglass fishing rod used to catch various things between dimensions and universes. It was given to Calvin Lucien by Adam Bright so he could go after O5-5/The Blackbird, and was later obtained by the Black Queen who returned it to Calvin in order to help him fight MTF Tau-5 and O5-3/The Kid.
  • Dr. Wondertainment's Spider Party: Eighty thousand spider legs which can activate when water is added to them. They contain lethal spider venom that can cause serious damage to reckless customers and may also cause spideritis, spiderosis, or spidermania. This product was one of the many sponsors for Dr. Jack Bright's "A Keter Kinda Christmas" show.
  • Jeremy the Corgi in Adventures in Capitalism: A children's book which appears to have been based on Isabel Wondertainment's adventures. The book was seen alongside other books in the basement of Sloth's Pit's Public Library by Malcolm Guillard and Dr. Tristan Bailey.





  • It appears that the concept of Dr. Wondertainment was based on the idea of Willy Wonka.
  • The SCP Foundation formed a special department dedicated to solely study products of Dr. Wondertainment. This department was known as GoI-386 Research & Investigation Department with Dr. Justine Everwood acting as its director.
  • In the "Broken Masquerade" canon in which the anomalies and the GoIs became public knowledge, as people were getting hurt from Dr. Wondertainment's anomalous products the company was forced to recall most of their products and assured the public that they would create more child-friendly toys.
  • In "The 12 Days of Site 87's Christmas", when Dr. Sinclair questioned a Krampus which she had summoned about St. Nicholas, the creature informed her of what it knew about him, and implied that Nicholas may have had some relation with Wondertainment.

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SCP-1508 | SCP-1762-2 | SCP-2420 | SCP-3507 | SCP-4017

Thaumiel SCPs
SCP-179 | SCP-2137 | SCP-3894-Alpha | SCP-4606 | SCP-6666-A

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SCP-001 (The Gate Guardian) | SCP-001 (Dr. Wondertainment) | SCP-001 (The Broken God) | SCP-001 (The Foundation)

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