Drago (real name Salamander) is a Pyrus Dragonoid, the guardian Bakugan of Dan Kuso, and the main protagonist from Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Drago has evolved anytime in the appearances of the shows. In season 2 after being captured by Spectra Phantom, he was turned into a slave Vexos Dragonoid and got corrupted by the forbidden abilities, Apollonir then transforms into a Dragon Trident and hits Drago's Perfect Core that cause him to be freed from Spectra's command, returning him to normal in order to make Drago and Dan reunited again. In other episode, Apollonir tells Dan and Drago that he has the ability to detect Drago from anywhere on New Vestroia. 

He is voiced by Jason Deline who also voiced his reboot counterpart from the reboot series Bakugan Battle Planet.

As Dragonoid

Drago was first seen as Dragonoid when he defeats a Darkus Fear Ripper and becomes friends with Dan.

As Delta Dragonoid

Drago evolves into Delta Dragonoid II when he increases his G-Power to 950Gs when battling Masquerade's servants.

In season 2

Drago returns as Neo Dragonoid and reunites with Dan and together with their friends when Drago absorbed Six Attributes Energies and evolves into Helix Dragonoid and helps Helios who was in broken state. He and Dan and their friends defeated King Zenoheld and The Alternative with the help of helios and Wilda as well Preyas, Elfin, Ingram Vulcan and Nemus.

As Fusion Dragonoid

Drago evolves into Fusion Dragonoid with the gate and key and seals Razenoid and Mag Mel forever, in the Arc 2, he summoned Dragonoid Destroyer and his father Genesis Dragonoid congratulates him for saving the universe.




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