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You have awakened me!
~ Drago to Dan Kouzo

Drago (real name Maximus) is the main protagonist and the hero from the reboot series of Bakugan Bakugan Battle Planet and its second season Bakugan Armored Alliance. He is Dan Kouzo's partner and best friend and one of the members of The Awesome Ones, as well as Cyndeous' close friend.

He is voiced by the same actor Jason Deline who also voices his original counterpart Dragonoid from Bakugan Battle Brawlers series.


Drago is a dragon who is better known to battle his rival Nillious with his Bakugan friends, he has green and yellow eyes. He is red with a yellow horn, with wings, arms, and legs of dragon.

Despite his giant appearance, Drago likes to take down bad Bakugans on Earth. Like his original counterpart from the first Bakugan series, Drago likes to confront the opponents especially for Nillious who tried to fight him, but Drago always foils him. He first appears when he scares Dan and his friends. But Drago convinces them to not get afraid, then Drago speaks to Dan and his friends his origins how Bakugan uses the B power with a hexagonal metal card to increase their B powers to get stronger than their opponents.

Drago likes to be in sphere form to talk with Dan Kouzo and his friends for the future of the planet for the good of the universe and for the good of all life on Earth.

In Bakugan Armored Alliance, Drago gets a Baku-Gear called Magma Blaster which helps him to defeat an Aurelus Bakugan named Pharol when he gets hurt, Drago and his friends manage to get the Baku-Gear to take down villains in order to protect Vestroia and the Earth from any threats that could be really happened.


Drago is the one from Battle Brawlers whose original voice actor reprises his role, with Jason Deline returning to voice the character in Bakugan Battle Planet and its sequel Bakugan Armored Alliance when the other actors from previous series were recast or omitted from the reboot.

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