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Dragon is the deuteragonist of Jane and the Dragon.


The Dragon is a 300-year-old creature that lives in a cave on a neighboring mountain. Dragon and Jane become best friends after she storms his cave to rescue the kidnapped prince. Dragon has quite a sense of humor, enjoys teasing Jane and her friends, and is the source of most of the series' comic relief. However, he is also fiercely loyal to Jane and never hesitates to defend her when she's in trouble, whether that involves interfering with sparring matches in her favor (much to her chagrin), flying to a mountain to rescue her despite being ill, or threatening a character with physical harm if he doesn't reciprocate her supposed feelings for him (also to her chagrin). He has a bit of a superiority complex about being a dragon and refers to humans as "shortlives."


The Dragon can breathe fire, although this depletes his ability to fly. His ability to fly in spite of his short wingspan is explained as the result of storing methane gas from the vegetables he eats in two sac-like organs in his body. He can inflate these organs to give himself added lift.

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