I am Dragonoid Destroyer!
~ Dragonoid Destroyer's first word after being summoned by Drago and Dan

Dragonoid Destroyer is the overeaching main protagonist who appears in the arc 2 of Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, he is described as Mechtogan Destroyer said by Marucho and Shun Kazami. He is created by Dan and Drago after Barodius and Dharak's deaths.

He is voiced by Shawn Meunier who also voices Preyas Angelo and Preyas Diablo.

He was created by Drago and Dan Kuso and he said his name. He offers Drago and Dan to go inside of him to stop Mechtavius Destroyer from destroying all traces of life on Earth.

He has the ability to create Mechtogans by using his powers, he created an aquos Mechtogan for Radizen, an Ventus Mechtogan for Jaakor and an Haos Mechtogan for Reptak with his powers.

After having increasing to 100% of his powers. He gains Infinity G-Power and gets the energies from all Bakugan of all of the children including the adults. He gets the energies from his Mechtogan friends and grows into an giant like Mechtavius Destroyer. 

Helped by the voice of Genesis Dragonoid who talks through him to Dan Kuso and Drago, Dragonoid Destroyer uses his new powers to finally kill Mechtavius Destroyer with an ultimate beam blast, causing him to desintegrate into nothingness, restoring everything back to normal in the process. With Mechtavius Destroyer now dead, Dragonoid Destroyer teleports to another place after Dan and Drago reunite with their beloved friends in the process.



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