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Tyson! Why are you going to give up in an endless battle? (Tyson: Huh? Dragoon! I can't give up because, if I do, then you won't have a Beyblade to return to!) You know what you have to do, you must make a decision now! (Tyson: Ah! Ok, Dragoon! Whatever happens we're in this together you're my friend and we've been through too much to let it end like this! So, we'll fight to the bitter end, it's you and me buddy! We're going all the way this time!) We are friends forever!
~ Dragoon speaking to Tyson Granger

Dragoon is the main hero from the Beyblade franchise series. He is Tyson Granger's partner and guardian and Dranzer's friendly rival.


Dragoon is an ghostly dragon with blue appearence and later green, he first appears when he roars at Tyson. After becoming Tyson's partner, he helps him to defeat the rivals especially for Black Dranzer, he was rescued by Dranzer who defends him from Black Dranzer. After returning all ghostly monsters to their Beyblades. Dragoon helps Tyson,

In Beyblade V-Force, Dragoon can speak to Tyson in a few of the shows episodes. While preventing from being locked in a rock, Dragoon speaks to Tyson to not give up. After being witnessed that Draciel and Dranzer are captured by Cerberus, Dragoon defeats Cerberus and rescues Draciel and Dranzer, forcing Zeo to lose the battle at the hands of him and Tyson.

In Beyblade G-Revolution, Dragoon has an counterpart named Strata Dragoon who looks like him, but in a bit different. He defeats him multiple time especially for Dranzer, his friendly rival.


  • He is the only Beyblade monster that can speak (besides his evil counterpart, Dark Dragoon) in the english and japanese version.
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