Draykor's hog army are good soldiers loyal to King Draykor, their leader.

Physical Appearance

They're red anthropomorphic alien hogs with vikings suits. Some uses swords as weapons and others uses spears.


They are responsible for carrying out the defense against those considered as a threat for their leader or his love, Princess Demurra. Formerly, Sir Brad Starlight, who thought Demurra's lover due he was going to marry with Draykor, had undertaken an absurd adventure to save her with the help of Wander and Sylvia, accusing Draykor of having kidnapped her. When the team arrived to Draykor's castle, Wander and Sylvia, victims of Starlight's delusions, started to fight with Hog Army (Sylvia with her brutality and Wander based on love) thinking they were enemies, but they captured them. Then, they carried then until his leader and Demurra and it results both were in love and going to marry. Demurra said Starlight they could be friends but Starlight denied and kidnapped her. Thereupon, Wander, Sylvia, Draykor and Hog Army allied to save Demurra but they discovered she had defeated Starlight.

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