Draykor and Demurra's Children are King Draykor and Princess Demurra's two daughters and one son.

Physical Appearance

They're hybrid children fathered by reproduction between Draykor and Demurra. They are formed by two daughters (possibly twins) and a son. The two daughters are humanoids like their mother but they have their father's nasal horn in their heads. They wear pink shirts and a beige hennin. The son is a dragon like his father and has a blue shirt and a propeller hat.


They appear in episode "The Gift". In said episode there's a special holiday time of year, and Wander and Sylvia deliver presents to everyone they've met the first season (wether friends or foes). Draykor, Demurra and their childrens are, therefore, included, and are given their presents in the middle of their dinner.

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