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"Mind your head" or "Hey, guys? Guys? Why the long faces?".
~ The Dre Head asked Harry mockingly.
"10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 3½... 2... 1¾... YES!" This is incorrect, as 3½ would come before 3.
~ The Dre Head waiting until an old woman vacates the road.

The Dre Head was a Shrunken Head. He had a Jamaican accent, and long dreadlocks. Dre Head was used as an accessory on the Knight Bus in August 1993. He spoke with passengers and frequently warned the driver, Ernest Prang, about obstacles, and hazards like "Ernie! Little old lady at 12 o'clock!"

Personality and traits

Dre Head was very observant. He liked to say jokes like "Mind your head" or "Hey, guys? Guys? Why the long faces?". He messed up his counting sometimes, as he once said "5 ,4, 3, 3½, 2". Dre Head counting down seconds until the old woman crossed the street


  • Dre is a diminutive of Andre, itself a variation of the name Andrew. The name derives from the Greek Ανδρέας (andros), meaning "manly".Shruken-The Shrunken Head at the Knight Bus attraction at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Behind the scenes

Dre Head was voiced by Lenny Henry in One of the special features on disc 2 of the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD was a set of cast interviews conducted by British broadcaster Johnny Vaughn and Dre Head. In these interviews, Dre showed awareness that the Harry Potter films were works of fiction, asking on several occasions if he could play a major character in later films. Despite this, he was afraid of the actors playing the Dursley family, seeming unwilling to accept that it was merely their actors rather than the actual Dursleys. Dre Head counts.


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