Uh the kind who thinks it's a Dear John. See the address? She wrote "Daniels", not "Red". Only one reason to be so formal. Hate to say it, but I think she's cutting you loose.
~ Drew Stiles

Andrew “Drew” Stiles (born May 13, 1923) is an Irish-American WW2 veteran from Call of Duty: WWII. He can be described as sort of a “nerd” because of his appearance and glasses, being described as Clark Kent by Red, but he can't see anything without them. However, he is still a very good and strong war hero. He is friends with Frank Aiello, Robert Zussman, and Ronald "Red" Daniels. Much like them, he was very upset when Joseph Turner died and liked him better than William Pierson due to fairness. He also helped his still living squad save Zussman, and took pictures of the Nazis cruelty at the labor camps.


  • He is from Chicago, Illinois.
  • He has a college degree, thus why he is nicknamed College by Aiello and Zussman.
  • Red describes him as Clark Kent. But when he removes his glasses he can't see.
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