Duck King is one of the major protagonists from both the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters video game series.


Fatal Fury

Duck King is a native of South Town who is grew up in a poor family in the city's ghetto. It is in this poor area that he is interested in fighting, even having a greater interest in music, and even prefers to dance. He spent a lot of time dancing so much that it became part of his life. His antics on the dance floor became the fighting style that Duck King designed himself. Using his fighting style to confuse other fighters, Duck King began to create a reputation in the warriors of the South Town. When the news of Geese Howard's King of Fighters broke out, Duck King quickly entered the game but suffered a defeated by Terry Bogard.

After his losses in the battle, Duck King returned to the ghetto, developing his fighting style and flowing with the rhythm of the battle. Around this time, he met a bouncer, King and the two pulled up enough money to open a big bar called "Fantasy" in South Town. Here King's KOF tournament matches held here was hosted by Duck King as the DJ. During the events of Fatal Fury 3 and Real Bout Fatal Fury, Duck was invited to Richard Meyer's new nightclub Pao Pao Café 2.

The grand opening ceremony was devastated by the Jin twins Chonrei and Chonshu, which destroyed the cafe. They are looking for Jin Scrolls that have been stolen from them. These reels eventually fell into the hands of Geese Howard, who was considered dead. Thanks to the Bogard brothers, Joe Higashi, and other allies joined forces to stop Geese, and Duck King joined the battle. When Geese died in the battle with Terry, Duck King got a much-needed break from the battle at the rebuilt Pao Pao Cafe 2 party.

The King of Fighters

In the KOF series, when Terry could not find his teammates, he volunteered to answer Terry's teammates and proposed to find Kim Kaphwan as the last member. After the game, Terry and others left the drunk Kim together. But he go anywhere to celebrate.


A friendly and outgoing guy towards everyone, Duck King was long lives to dance and party. He can shows little respect concerning those he deems to be evil seem just like Geese Howard. He considers Terry to be his martial arts rival, but otherwise regards him to be a good friend.


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