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Duduu is a 5 year old little girl and is one of secondary characters from Dusyeri's Turkish animated series, Pepee.


Duduu is a 5 year old girl and is taller than Bibii. She has a blonde hair in which she tied up to ponytail.A violet tiarra on her head. Has cherry like earrings, A violet sweater with a smiling sun on it. A small tutu and violet shoes.

Powers and skills

Ballerina dancing: She did that in her debut Duduu the Ballerina and she does sometimes in later episodes.

Singing: She does this in the episode The Lovely Princess as well as other episodes.

Helping others: In Surprise Party She and her other friends helped Pepee's Grandma to squish meatballs for Bibii


Duduu is usually cheerful and smiling. But there's been some occasions where she was sad and shocked.


  • Pepee: She met him on the way home in Duduu the Ballerina And then she performed on stage at one night celebration. Thus they became friends.
  • Bebee: Duduu cares about Bebee. Just like a sister-sister relationship. She had spent alot of time with her along with Bebee's Brother.
  • Mimii: They are best friends as shown in the episode A Game Of Pirates They're playing together with dolls.And worked together on Bibii's Birthday on Surprise Party
  • Bibii: Duduu loves Bibii. Even though she doesn't speak with him that much. The only episode Duduu ever called Bibii's name was Wet and Dry She was heard saying Run Bibii Run!!
  • Tutuu: Tutuu and Duduu are good friends. They were shown chasing each other in the beginning of Grumpy Captain She was also impressed with Tutuu's Piano playing in that episode.
  • Kekee: Is Duduu's friend. She along with Shila were sitting by Grandma in Surprise Party7
  • Zezee: Is Duduu's friend.She and Zezee (along with Pepee and Bibii) were playing Hide and Seek in Wet and Dry
  • Shila: Is Duduu's friend. She was part of Zulu's birthday preparation and was happy and Shila gave her Zulu mask in A Surprise for Zulu


  • She might be a inspration to Playhouse Disney character June. Because both of them do Ballerina dances.
  • She is the only kid character on Pepee to wear earrings.
  • Tetee from the Movie, Looks just like her.