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You leave my tribe in peace!
~ Dug challaging the champions

Dug is the main protagonist of the 2018 animated film Early Man, which is Aardman Animations' 7th feature film .

He was voiced by Oscar Awarding Winning actor Eddie Redmayne, who also played Ryan in Sodor's Legend of The Lost Treasure and Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films.


Indomitably cheerful and optimistic, our scrawny but big-hearted young hero is a can-do caveman with boundless enthusiasm and an unwavering belief that anything’s possible. Dug is always brimming with ambition for his tribe, despite their obvious shortcomings, but is kept in check by Bobnar, his cautious Chief.

When the tribe are forced out of their beloved Valley, it falls to Dug to lead them into the biggest challenge they have ever faced – a challenge that tests Dug’s faith in himself and his own people to breaking point, but ultimately inspires them to achieve greatness beyond their wildest dreams.

Dug is always accompanied in his adventures by his faithful hog Hognob.


Role in the film

Dug is first seen trying to convince his tribe's chief Bobnar that the tribe should try hunting mammoths instead of their usual prey rabbits. However Bobnar believes that the tribe could not catch mammoths. Dug later participants in the tribe's hunt where they manage to capture a rabbit.

That night, the tribe is driven from their valley by the leader of The Bronze Revolution Lord Nooth and his army of war mammoths, who declares that the Stone Age is over. Dug attempts to attack the army, only to fall into a cart and gets taken to Nooth's 10,000-acre Bronze Age city.

Whilst trying to escape and evade guards, Dug gets mistaken for a footballer and is brought onto the pitch where he challenges Nooth's team to a match, promising that his tribe will work in Nooth's mines if they lose.

Dug attempts to train his tribe for the match but discovers that unlike his ancestors, the tribe are too dim to understand it and end up losing their only ball after getting chased by a 36 foot duck. That night, Dug and his pet boar Hobnob sneak into the Bronze City to steal more balls where they are discovered by a resident named Goona, who helps them steal the balls and agrees to coach the tribe out of spite for Nooth's team not allowed women to join.

Dug is later brought to the mines by Nooth who shows him cave paintings by Dug's ancestors, who invented football, but gave up the sport after not being able to win a single match against other tribes. Dug makes an offer with Nooth to work in the mines alone, sparing the tribe.

However, Dug's tribe arrive with a now tame duck and persuade him to break the deal and play the match. Dug manages to win the match and the valley back after scoring a goal using a bicycle kick. Dug and Goona then stop Nooth from escaping with the crowd's admission money.

After Nooth is arrested, his team join Dug's tribe for a hunt but are frightened by a rabbit pretending to be a mammoth.


  • It was never explained if Dug is an orphan or if he has parents.


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