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Hero Overview

~ The Duke starting the signal of the first day of Battle of Kankoku Pass after stealing the starting shout from the Chu.
It would appear that...you are a man who has surpassed the boundaries of my understanding, a general who is the true epitome of the Instinctual type. You have my utmost respect. Duke Hyou.
~ Ri Boku to Duke Hyou uponing meeting face to face.
Don't ever let your fire die out
~ Duke Hyou's last words to Shin.

Duke Hyou is a central and later posthumous character in the historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. He was a Great General in the Qin Military and the leader of the Duke Hyou Army, a viciously powerful army of elite soldiers. He was also one of the most noteworthy figures in the state of Qin famous for his unpredictable and instinctive style of warfare known for the since the days of King Sho, the God of War having served as a prominent figure alongside the late Monstrous Bird, Ou Ki during the previous era of the Six Great Generals of Qin.

In the anime, he is voiced by Shirou Saitou


Duke Hyou had a warrior's build, grey white hair, and large grey eyes that many called ferocious and beast-like and had sharp and fang like teeth. He has a long mustache and styles his beard into three long goatees. The Duke wore a red cloak on golden armor and wielded a glaive along with a spike rimmed shield.



Duke Hyou is known as a battle-thirsty and ruthless man who freely sacrificed the lives of his soldiers for the sake of victory. He displayed his intuitive instincts as he realizes the objective of Go Kei forcing the fight to the Dakan Plains and states that the field is where Wei war chariots are most effective. He was a bold Great General as he led his soldiers on a charge against the Go Kei Army. From his point of view, war is a great blazing fire, and he strikes when that fire reaches the height of its strength. He also had a relaxed and joyous side, as he is seen partying alongside the Hi Shin Unit the night after Shin killed Man Goku and even forced Ou Ki to have a drink with him after the victory of Dakan Plains. Having no children of his own, he began to treat Shin as a protege of sorts on the battlefield prior to his death.


He respects opponents who are strong enough to give him a great fight as he says Go Kei showed a most impressive blaze in the end of their duel.


However, during the midst of it, he mocked the Wei Great General for not having "the blood of a warrior" and called him a loser for his inability to let go of the bitterness from his past.


Powers and Abilities

I know no other man as formidable at warfare as him.
~ Baku Koshin
To read through the intentions of a wild beast like Duke Hyou is an exceedingly difficult feat. This is the Duke Hyou we're talking about here. The general who has crushed under his heel God knows how many strategical generals that sought to challenge him.
~ Shun Shin Kun talking about Duke Hyou's abilities with Ri Boku.

Physical Abilities

  • Superhuman Condition:A Great General, Duke Hyou displayed incredible physical prowess worthy of the title he holds. He was strong enough to break through an enemy infantry unit while killing about 15 soldiers single-handedly in a single swing of his weapon with his arm strength being sufficient to cut a man in half effortlessly. General Ou Ki himself also acknowledged that Duke Hyou's fighting prowess is at a high enough level to give him difficult. And while his combat abilities were not enough to defeat Hou Ken, he was able to land few heavy blows on the Bushin as he nearly beheaded the Great Heaven in a similar fashion like Ou Ki and broke his dominant arm before dying. Outside of combat, he was noted to be able to brew a liquor that was so strong that it was able to make even the late Ou Ki blink in astonishment. He also had an extremely high tolerance of alcohol as it took ten men from the Hi Shin Unit to drink half a bowl of his special liquor before passing out while he was able to drink one bowl in one go while still remaining coherent. This feat was so remarkable that the Hi Shin Unit wondered if he was even human.

Fighting Style

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Charisma: The Duke was a charismatic man who gained a great deal of respect from his soldiers as seen when many of them followed him to his death. He also actively nurtured Shin's growth during the Battle of Kankoku Pass and is knowledgeable about the limits of his troops.


  • Podao:
  • The Duke's Shield:



Antagonistic Relationships


  • According to Shin, the Duke reeked of booze.
  • The Duke is based on a real life historical figure, Biao Gong.



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