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Hero Overview

We’re real close now, I can feel it.
~ Dulcy the Dragon

Dulcy the Dragon is a female character from the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) cartoon she is also one the many characters from the long time Sonic the Hedgehog comic books.

She was voiced by Cree Summer, who also voiced Penny Gadget from Inspector Gadget, Kitana from Mortal Kombat, Susie Carmichael from Rugrats, Kida Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures, Kim and Christy from Care Bears, Cleo from Clifford the Big Red Dog, Numbuh 5 from Codename: Kids Next Door, Mena from Bambi II, and Penelope from Barbie as Rapunzel.


Dulcy is a green-eyed anthropomorphic dragon with primarily light blue skin, a disproportionally large lower body, and scaly wings on her back. She also has peach orange skin on the stomach, the front side of her neck and the inner side of her wings. Dulcy also has a round peach orange fin, reminiscent of hair, on her head, and scales of the same color on her tail. She also has a marsupial-like pouch which can hold anything she can carry. She also has small, white and feathery wings growing out of her ankles. Around her nose, Dulcy wears a black nose ring and wears a brown vest for a saddle.

In the comics before the Genesis Wave Dulcy had the same appearance in the cartoons. However the comics go into more detail about her black nose ring the comic books that Dulcy's nose is worn by a few other dragons as well. The comics reveal that the nose rings that Dulcy and the other dragons are rings with magical powers just like the rings in the video games. However not all dragons wear the magic rings in there nose this is seen with a unnamed mother dragon from the SatAM cartoon episode titled Dulcy.



Dulcy is one of the teenage heroes who is a member of the Freedom Fighters she is also one of the fex dragons left after Robotnik captured most of them and robotizied them. Growing up Dulcy was always mocked, laughed at and teased by the other dragons. She was raised by her mother while it is unknown what happened to her father. Dulcy and her mother Sabina were visiting the city of Mobotropolis at the time when Robotnik betrayed King Acorn and started attacking and capturing the citizens. Dulcy managed to escape with many of the other young children in order to keep her and the kids safe. Soon Robotnik took control over the city he started conquering the rest of the planet. After taking over Mobotroplis his next target was the dragon colony because they were his big threat to his plan.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Dulcy was one of the many characters to survive the events of the Super Genesis Wave, however Dulcy went through some changes after the Genesis Wave. In the new reality created by Eggman, Dulcy meets the Freedom Fighters after she runs away from home because she is tired of dragons of Yurashia fighting with the other clans who live their. She meets the Freedom Fighters not long after Robotnik betrayed King Acorn and took over Mobotroplis. With their help, Dulcy learns how to fight and become a hero she also stays to help them fight against Eggman. After becoming inspired by the Freedom Fighters Dulcy decides to return home to end the feud between the clans and help them prepare for Eggman who plans on attacking Yurashia next. After the Genesis Wave Dulcy has changed and looks more like an Eastern dragon instead of a Western dragon. She has become taller skinnier she is still green and pink has horns on her head now and no longer has wings on her feet instead she now wears boots with golden wings on them. Dulcy wears clothing in new world that was created after the Super Genesis Wave.


  • After the Genesis Wave Sonic told Tails about how he wanted to restore the memories of all their friends this would include Dulcy. But Tails told Sonic that having to many folks with scrambled memories would be bad.
  • When Sega had to reshape the Sonic comic books because of lawsuits with Ken Penders and some clashes with Archie comics Dulcy along with every character from the 1993 SatAM cartoon series had to go through design changes to match with the design of the video game characters.
  • Despite Dulcy's age and being a teenager in the cartoons and comics before the Genesis Wave happened creating a new timeline in Sonic Archie comics. Dulcy who is only a teenager was in an abusive relationship and the mate of a dragon named Zan. This relationship between Dulcy and Zan was all undone and changed because of the Genesis Wave.


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