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The Dumps are a rowdy group of Ankylodumps who enjoy jumping ramps, racing and crashing into each other. No one knows when the Dumps first formed, but they first appeared in "Racetrack" when Drag-O, Wrecka and Scoot reunited with Ton-Ton, who used to be a member. The Dumps were too rowdy for them, so they built a racetrack for racing and used that same racetrack to decide who would make the rules. They also appeared whenever there was a big project such as in


Ty ask Drag-O Wrecka and Scoot to help them to build the Slide


they came right on time to help them to stop the Volcano

Also, Wrecka appeared in "Garby's Gang."


They hanging out on D-Structs's lair they love killer jump ramps until D-Structs fight his Lair and Dumps fight back and they ran off

Ty Vs D-Structs

Every trux was kick out the crater and they came up Ty and his friends to defeat D-stroy and D-Structs


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