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Dunglap is one of the supporting characters in the Nickelodeon animated TV series, CatDog. He is a weasel and CatDog's best friend. In "All You Can't Eat", he works at the Taco Depot, and was promoted to manager. He hangs around a lot with Mervis his friend. Even though he and Mervis are friends, they often seen fighting with each other. He has suffered tons and tons of injuries in the show.


  • He's a very calm and nice guy type character.
  • In "All You Need is Lube", he appears to work as a paper boy.
  • In "Climbing Every CatDog", he is the winner for climbing up the mountain. The mountain is named "Dunglap's Peak".
  • In "A Dog Ate My Homework", he is possibly in his teens because he goes to school.
  • Dunglap and Mervis has a job at the Butt Buster the large roller coaster.


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