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Can your flames burn shadows? If not, then they can't burn me too.
~ Duo Lon.

Duo Lon is one of the major protagonists in The King of Fighters video game series.

He is voiced by Tsunehito Maruo.


Duo Lon is a member of the Hizoku clan, and one of Ron's sons. He is also searching for his father for his betrayal of the clan. He teams up with Ash Crimson for a time, but later joins Elisabeth Blanctorche's team, along with Benimaru Nikaido, after noticing that Ash was manipulating his teammates. But later on, he and Elisabeth team up with his and Ash's ex teammate Shen Woo, and they get ready to confront Ash again.


After Ron betrayed the clan, the reputation of Duo Lon and the rest of the team declined because he was called the "son of the traitor." In order to hunt down the traitors of the clan, he accepted several jobs as an assassin. On the way, Ash Crimson appeared in front of him mysteriously and made him. Through Ash, Duo Lon met Shen Woo. Duo Lon liked their company at the time and eventually agreed to join them in the 2003 tournament, but he disappeared when he felt the presence of Ron. After he discovered Ash's real goal, he joined Elisabeth and Benimaru to take down Ash.

Although he is still committed to the pursuit of Ron's mission, he still respects Benimaru. He quickly reunited with Shen Woo and tried to discover the whereabouts of Ash. He soon remembered that Elizabeth had some contact with Ash and they set out to find her.

At the ending of their team, both he and Shen Woo gave Elizabeth time to mourn Ash's obvious "death."


In spite of being a Hizoku assassin, Duo Lon is calm and has a good heart. He also has a strict sense of justice, as shown when he turned on Ash and by his mission to kill his own father. He feels estranged from his father and often does not address him as his parent, preferring to call him "that man" or "Ron". Although he considers Luan his good friend from childhood, their relationship became strained with Ron's betrayal.


  • Elisabeth, Benimaru, and Duo Lon were the winners of The King of Fighters XI tournament. This was confirmed in Ash Crimson's Team Story in The King of Fighters XIII.


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