Dust Sketch Holding Ahrah Transparent

Dust wielding The Blade of Ahrah

Dust, really known as "Sen-Mithrarin" (He who is born of the dust), is the main protagonist of Dust: An Elysian Tail. He wields the Blade of Ahrah and travels with his companion Fidget. He is the arch-enemy of General Gaius.

He is voiced by Lucien Dodge


Dust awakens with no knowledge of who he is or where he is. He quickly learns his powers, and eliminates many vile monsters. He soon meets Ginger in Aurora Village, and wonders about who she is. As he travels to Archer's Pass, he encounters the blacksmith Haley, who soon falls for him. After slaying the wicked Fuse, he finds an underground cave leading to Mudpot. After saving Lady Tethys, he finds Ginger has fled town. To follow her, he travels through the Sorrowing Meadows to save Baron Kane. He then travels to Zepliech Village, where he discovers he is really Ginger's brother Jin, who died protecting her from Cassius, and their souls became one. Instructed by Elder Gray Eyes, he heads into Everdawn Basin, where he learns Sereth was a Moonblood watching over him. He then confronts Gaius after destroying his army. He tried to save Gaius but to no avail. He then leaves himself to die in the lava, but his spirit emerges with Fidget following, as Ginger looks to see his spirit in the sky.


Dust is capable of wielding the Blade of Ahrah, and performing the powerful Dust Storm, He has a number of combos to attack foes with.

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