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Dustin Henderson: You always say we should never stop being curious, to always open any curiosity door we find.
Scott Clarke: Dustin...
Dustin Henderson: Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?
~ Dustin and Scott Clarke in Bathtub .
Do you eat kangaroos for breakfast?
~ Dustin Henderson.

Dustin Henderson is one of the main characters in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

He is the best friend of Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Lucas Sinclair, Eleven and Max Mayfield, and the brother-figure to Steve Harrington. When Will went missing, Dustin and his friends searched for him and became involved in the Hawkins lab's conspiracy when coming across their test subject Eleven.

He is portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo.


Early Life

Dustin Henderson was born in 1971 to Claudia Henderson, and became a student at Hawkins Middle School where he befriended Will Byers, Mike Wheeler and Lucas Sinclair. The group bonded and became best friends, often playing Dungeons & Dragons in Mike's basement.

Season One

The day after playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, Dustin, Mike and Lucas noticed that Will didn't come to school. When brought to the principal's office, the three learned from Chief Jim Hopper that Will was reported missing. After school, the three traveled to Mirkwood where Will using takes to go back home and encountered a girl named Eleven. Taking her to Mike's basement, Dustin and Lucas went to school while Wheeler accommodated her. Henderson and Sinclair came to the basement after school, witnessed Eleven use her telekinesis to lock the door, and give the three a vital clue on Will's whereabouts. The group then had Eleven search for Will in Mirkwood, but they were left confused when Eleven brought them to the Byers' residence.

When police cars raced to a local quarry, the group witnessed the officers pull Will's "corpse", which angered them since they believed Eleven was lying. Later on, Mike explained that Will was still alive since he heard his voice signing, and the group decided to bring Eleven to the school so she could use the heathkit. Before they enter Mr. Clarke's classroom, they had to attend a ceremony honoring Will. At the ceremony, Dustin witnessed Eleven use her telekinetic powers to make the bully Troy Walsh piss on himself. Eleven later used the heatkit, which allowed the group overhear Will speaking to his mother before the device combusted into flames. The kids then deduced that Will was in another dimension, which Eleven confirmed by calling it the Upside Down.

During Will's funeral, Dustin and the boys spoke with Mr. Clarke, who spoke of theories of other dimensions effecting electrical devices. Dustin then saw that his compass wasn't pointing north due to the opening of the portal, and the kids decided to have Eleven direct them to the gate. However, they learned that Eleven was manipulating the compass to prevent them from reaching the gate. A fight broke out between Mike and Lucas, but it ended when Eleven pushed Lucas out with her powers. When Eleven left due to being upset, Dustin and Mike worked together to find her while Lucas used the compass to find the gate. The two were ambushed by Troy and his friend James, who threatened to hurt Dustin if Mike didn't jump off the cliff. Eleven soon arrived and saved Mike from their tormenters, and three reconciled.

Returning to Mike's home, Lucas tells them that "bad men" were coming, which provided Dustin, Mike and Eleven enough time to get on their bikes and evade the agents. Reuniting with Lucas, who apologized to Mike and Eleven, the group hid in an abandoned bus until they were picked up by Hopper. The kids then worked with Hopper, Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers to break into Hawkins Middle to use a makeshift tank to allow Eleven to reach out to Will. When the kids were left at the school, they were captured by Brenner's agents until the Demogorgon arrived. Dustin and his friends fended out the creature until Eleven sacrificed her to defeat the creature, and the others searched for her to no avail. Taken to the hospital, the friends reunited with Will, and later played Dungeons & Dragons during Christmas.

Season Two

During the next school year, Dustin and his friends played at the Palace arcade, where he and Lucas learn that someone by the name of "MADMAX" had beaten their high scores. At school, Dustin and his friends saw their new classmate Max Mayfield, and they deduced that she may be "MADMAX".


  • Until the age of thirteen, he had cleidocranial dysplasia, a genetic disorder where bone teeth growth are delayed.
  • Gaten Matarazzo was considered for the role of Lucas during a screen test with Finn Wolfhard.
  • Dustin is the youngest member of Stranger Things who curses the most.
  • Dustin is the second member of the Party to make kill; the first being Eleven.



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