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Dwarf Shaman is a main character in Goblin Slayer.


Dwarf Shaman is a proud dwarf. He is very friendly and brave. He enjoys drinking, especially Fire Wine. He often gets into fights with High Elf Archer and despite being younger then her, is much more mature. Much like Goblin Slayer and his fellow Dwarves, he hates goblins who are the dwarves' natural sworn enemies.


Stone Blast: Creates rocks in midair to fire at enemies. There are 2 variations. One where he creates a small group of pebbles to fire at enemies, and one where he Creates a huge boulder to crush his enemies.

Fall Control: Slows down the speed of falling objects

Stupor: Makes enemies drunk or fall asleep.

Stone Barrier: Creates a wall made of stone.

Fear: Creates a nightmarish illusion on his opponents, making them defensless, both physically and emotionally.


Handaxe: Dwarf Shaman's main weapon in close combat.

Sling: Used if he needs to conserve spells.