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This guy just got his ass a PARDON!
~ Dwayne Camacho to Joe Bauers

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho is a supporting protagonist in the 2006 American sci-fi comedy film Idiocracy. He is the President of the United States, and a former pro wrestler and porn star. He delivers over-the-top, vulgar speeches when he addresses the nation, and gets people's attention by firing a machine gun into the air.

When Joe Bauers' IQ test catches his attention, he makes Joe (known as "Not Sure") the Secretary of the Interior, expecting him to solve all of the problems facing America. To make matters worse, he expects Joe to "do it all in one week." Joe manages to solve one problem: the crops aren't growing because they are watered with a sports drink called Brawndo instead of water. Joe switched the irrigation system to water and caused a massive recession, which he was blamed for, and was sentenced to one night of "rehabilitation", a demolition derby-style execution. Later, Camacho pardons him after he manages to prove that his plan to use water worked, and makes Joe his Vice President.

He was played by Terry Crews.


He is an African-American descent, with a height of 6'3” feet (1.92 meters), long & dark hair, and has muscular shape in his body.

He wears a white t-shirt with the US Presidential Seal printed on it, a long vest, pants and boots in an American flag pattern, and always wear a gold medal with the US Presidential Seal.


He doesn't want anyone to interrupt him while he is delivering the State of the Union Address in the House of Representin' by firing multiple machine gun rounds to silence congressmen who criticized him for repeating his speech. He wants to be surrounded by women around him at most times.


Prior to his presidency term before the year 2505, he was a former professional wrestler (having a title of ''Five Time Ultimate Smackdown Champion'') that can be proved by his muscular shape and he was also known to have worked as an adult superstar. He had a step-brother who became the Secretary of Education during his term as President of the United States, but he's kind of stupid, though. His parents, birth date, and residence is currently unknown.



  • In the Clevon family tree, Hank and Bobby Hill are visible. As is a dog, a monkey, a goat, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, and Condolezza Rice.
  • Beef Supreme is played by Andrew Wilson, who is Luke Wilson's brother.
  • Nearly all of the logos for actual present-day businesses are altered in the future. The exception is the logo for FOX News, which is the logo in use by the network at the time of this film's release.
  • Frito's last name, "Pendejo", is a Spanish insult which means pubic hair but conveys the same sentiment as "dumbass". His full name "frito pendejo", means fried pubic hair or "fried dumbass". It might also be a reference to Fritos corn chips' ill-conceived and Mexicanphobic "Frito Bandito" advertising character.
  • The main character's name is "Joe Bauers", who is made the Secretary of the Interior, charged with trying to solve th