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I know why I'm here. I know what I did to Denise. To you. To other people. It doesn't matter why. I knew I'd have to face it. To pay. And I should. I'm ready. I got to see Negan get taken down, and that's enough. Me? I'm a piece of shit. There's no going back to how things were. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please. Please.
~ Dwight to Daryl Dixon, shortly before being spared by his old nemesis.
Dwight, also known as "D.", is a main character and a former antagonist he serves as a, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He serves as a recurring antagonist of the second half of Season 6 and the first half of Season 7. He later becomes an anti-hero from the second half of Season 7 onwards. He is also one of the main protagonists of Fear The Walking Dead.

He is portrayed by Austin Amelio in the series.



Very little is known about Dwight's life before or after the outbreak started. He married a woman named Sherry and lived in or near the state of Virginia. His grandfather taught him the art of wood carving, which he practiced in his spare time. He was also a blue collar employee. 


Season 6

Daryl Dixon,Sasha Williams and Abraham Ford are intercepted by a group of survivors apparently led by a man named Wade. When Sasha and Abraham are split from Daryl, they deduce that they were looking for someone else. When Daryl wheels his motorcycle far ahead of the survivors following him into a burnt out forest to hide from them, he walks straight across the road in the other side of the forest. He collapses in fatigue due to his injuries he sustained falling off his motorcycle. When he gets up and decides to try and find the others, he walks past several charred corpses, some still undead. As he gets closer into the heart of the forest he hears noises. He hides his motorcycle and vest under a fallen tree branch and finds two women, Honey and Tina, who proceed to tell Daryl: "You found us." and "We earned what we took." As he hears a noise behind him Daryl turns around and Dwight knocks him out.

As Daryl is tied up against a tree, Dwight (who referred himself as "D") is keeping an eye on him until the next morning when he forces Daryl to get up and move via gunpoint to help look for 'Patty'. Dwight proceeds to accuse Daryl of being one of them. He keeps Daryl at gunpoint and on the move and Dwight proceeds to tell Daryl it was him that burnt the forest down, to kill the nearby walkers, by driving a gas tank along the woods and setting it alight. They soon reach a fuel distribution plant overrun with walkers, when Dwight, Honey and Tina look on in horror and claim that Patty is gone. All three of them are suddenly dampened and Tina says that she'll return to where they came and claims that the others will stop looking. As Tina faints, Daryl uses this as a distraction and grabs the duffel bag with his crossbow and runs into the woods with Dwight shooting at him.

He runs far enough into the forest to dive into a small crevice and untie his hands and proceed to try and reach Abraham and Sasha with his walkie-talkie. Just as he catches his breath he hears a nearby walker approaching and struggles to get his crossbow out the duffel, but he does and shoots the walker. But as he does, he looks down at the contents fallen out of the bag and notices a cooler filled with insulin. Tina is a diabetic. He returns to Dwight and the rest and demands Dwight's gun and wood carving, to which he gives Daryl and returns the Insulin. Daryl is about to leave until Wade shows up with several others in cars and begins searching for Dwight and what he took; Honey and Tina. Dwight shouts at Wade, telling him he isn't going back and that his people shouldn't be trusted.

Daryl feels guilty and attempts to help them and returns Dwight's gun. Daryl distracts Cam who gets bitten on the arm by a hidden walker. Without any hesitation, Cam asks for it to be cut off there and then, Daryl knows these people are bad news. They then give up the search, with Wade telling Cam, "He only wants ass that's willing." Dwight is surprised at Daryl for helping them because he thought he was one of them. Soon, they stumble across a melted greenhouse. Dwight feels guilty because he burnt the forest down and they knew the people residing there.

Tina finds two corpses engulfed in molten glass now hardened. Tina proceeds to cry until they break out and kill Tina, Daryl kills the walkers and Dwight presumably puts her down afterwards. As Dwight is burying Tina, Daryl asks him three questions. When asked how many walkers he has killed, Dwight says a lot, a couple of dozen at least. When asked how many people and why, he responds with none and that when you kill in this world, there's no going back. Satisfied, Daryl invites Dwight and Honey to Alexandria to which they accept. All is well until Dwight holds Daryl at gunpoint again, apologizes and takes his bike and crossbow. After they say they're sorry, Daryl then mutters "You're gonna be," and they ride away on Daryl's motorcycle.

A long time later in the show, after the pre-dawn raid led by Rick Grimes on a Savior outpost, a lone Savior named Primo tries to escape on the very same motorcycle that Dwight stole, which Daryl immediately recognizes as his own. Rosita Espinosa shoots Primo off the bike and Daryl tackles him as he tries to flee and beats him into submission. Daryl demands to know where the Primo got the bike. Primo of course, doesn't reveal where he got it from.

Dwight reappears after shooting Denise through the eye with a crossbow bolt in the back of the head, off screen. He is seen wearing a jacket and half of his face is burned (suggesting he and his wife were caught and he was punished for running away). He has  Eugene Porter captured and threatens to kill him unless Daryl and Rosita hand over their items and lead them to Alexandria. Eugene tells him that his companion, Abraham, is hiding behind some oil cans and Dwight orders his men to search the area. Eugene takes an opportunity and attacks Dwight by biting his crotch. After a gunfight he is able to knock Eugene off of him and drops the crossbow and runs away with some of his men.

A day after Denise's death, Daryl goes out to find and kill Dwight, blaming himself for Denise's demise. Rosita, Glenn Rhee, and Michonne go after him. After Rosita splits from the two of them, Glenn and Michonne are ambushed and captured by Dwight and a few saviors. Some time later, Daryl and Rosita find them gagged next to a group of Saviors resting. Daryl tries to sneak up on the Saviors to save them, but Dwight and another Savior appear behind him and Rosita. Dwight greets Daryl and then shoots him as he turns around, assuring him that he will be fine.

A while later, after Rick, Abraham, Sasha, CarlAaron (Walking Dead), Maggie and Eugene are ambushed and surrounded by a big group of Saviors, Dwight appears and brings out a captured Glenn, Michonne, Rosita and an injured Daryl from a cargo truck. When Glenn tries to stop Negan from hurting Maggie, Dwight jumps up and subdues him before lining him up again. He is present when Negan beats Abraham to death.

Season 7

After Negan kills Abraham, Dwight offers to kill Daryl as punishment for striking Negan. Negan declines, and kills Glenn instead. The following morning, Dwight takes Daryl captive and loads him into the truck to be taken to the Sanctuary.

Dwight keeps Daryl locked in a dark cell, completely naked with little food. He makes himself an egg sandwich and then cruelly gives Daryl dog food sandwiches as his only food. Negan offers Dwight an opportunity to have sex with Sherry again, but Dwight declines. Dwight later shoots and kills a former Savior who attempted to leave, not wanting to live with them anymore. He is then strung up on the outside fence of the Sanctuary. He continues to mentally torture Daryl by playing loud annoying music in his cell and hanging a photograph of Glenn's mutilated corpse in his cell, to remind him that he caused his death. After finally breaking Daryl, he brings him to Negan. When Daryl refuses to be apart of the Saviors community, he thrown back into his cell by Dwight. 

Dwight is later present when the Saviors arrive at Alexandria and take away all their supplies, with Daryl as their slave. Dwight tells Rosita to bring him Daryl's bike because he wants it, and promises to give her hat back if she cooperates. He tells her not to take too long and pours all her water out of her flask, angering Rosita. When she returns with Daryl's bike, he thanks her and gives her hat back to her as his only thank you. He tells Daryl he can have his bike back if he just says one word. When Daryl doesn't respond, Dwight rides off. 

When Carl sneaks aboard Negan's truck and kills two men, Dwight tackles him and holds him at gunpoint, but is told to back off by Negan. He witnesses Negan kissing his former wife Sherry, which makes him slightly jealous. He is present when Negan irons the face of Mark, as punishment for having sex with his former girlfriend, who was 'married' to Negan. He heats up the iron and gives it to Negan and watches the same punishment he endured. He is later ordered by Negan to put Daryl back in his cell. 

Dwight and the Saviors later come across the corpse of Fat Joseph, one of Negan's henchmen. Dwight runs to Daryl's cell and finds it empty, realizing he has escaped. An angered Dwight finds a note inside the cell, urging Daryl to escape. He is then beaten up by Saviors ordered by Negan as punishment for not watching Daryl. Dwight is locked in the same cell he locked Daryl in and Negan questions Dwight's loyalty. He asks as to whether or not Dwight was the one who let him escape. Dwight assures Negan where his loyalties lie, and Negan orders him to go find Sherry, whom they believe let Daryl escape. Dwight comes across the house him and Sherry were staying at and finds a goodbye note, and a photograph of them before the outbreak. He is saddened at her disappearance and keeps their wedding rings in his cigarette cartridge. He also finds that the handwriting on the note in Daryl's cell is Sherry's, confirming she was the one who unlocked Daryl's cell door.

He returns and tells Doctor Carson that he found her and killed her. He slips the note Sherry wrote him into Carson's desk to frame him, which is found by Negan. Dwight later heats up the iron and is present when Negan threatens Carson with it, before throwing him into the furnace, killing him. Negan puts his arm around Dwight and remarks it's a good thing they can replace the doctor with Harlan Carson from the Hilltop. Negan apologizes to Dwight about Sherry, but Dwight says he's doesn't care, which impresses Negan, calling him 'ice cold'. Dwight later joins Eugene along the upper levels of the Sanctuary, where he asks Eugene if he is truly on board with them. Eugene assures him he is and they agree that they are 'Negan'.

Near the end, Dwight is seen outside of the Sanctuary with Daryl's crossbow, watching Rosita from above.

Upon their return to Alexandria, Rosita leads Rick and the others to the jail cell where Dwight is waiting. Daryl tries to attack Dwight, but Rick and Michonne hold him back. Rosita insists that Dwight wants to help them. Rick asks if it's true, and Dwight says it is. Rick pulls his gun and orders Dwight to be on his knees.

Dwight is questioned for his reasoning to why the Alexandrians should trust him and tells that he wants Negan dead. Tara reminds Dwight that he killed Denise and he tells them that he wasn't aiming at Denise. This enrages Daryl, who holds the knife to Dwight's eye, poised to kill him. Dwight then tells Daryl that he served Negan for Sherry's sake and Sherry had saved Daryl, but Sherry is gone now. Daryl reluctantly releases Dwight, believing his story. Dwight offers to help them lay an ambush for the Saviors who are coming to Alexandria and then to help take them out the Sanctuary and spread out from there until all the Saviors are gone. When Dwight is released to implement his plan, he returns with Negan armed with a rifle when its revealed that the Scavengers betrayed Alexandria. Dwight keeps quiet during the confrontation that follows and doesn't take part of the first gun battle. As Negan is about to hit Carl with Lucille, Shiva is released by Ezekiel and another commotion ensures as Dwight and the rest begin to open fire and find cover. Due to the overwhelming forces of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom, Simon hops back into the truck he drove in on, Dwight joins Negan alongside Simon and Eugene in addressing the Saviors as they prepare the war. While cleaning up the battle, Daryl finds one of Dwight's wooden figures he'd hidden while escaping. Upon the figure, Dwight left the message "didn't know" as a way of telling Daryl and the Alexandrians that he didn't intentionally betray them and wasn't aware that the Scavengers turning on Rick.

Season 8

Dwight, now working as a mole for the Militia, communicates with Daryl by shooting crossbow arrows with information wrapped on them at each other. In preparation for the Militia's upcoming attack, Dwight supplies Daryl with the locations of the Saviors lookouts on the road to their compound. He also directs a large force of Saviors to investigate an explosion set up by the Militia, well-aware that its actually a trap for whoever goes to investigate.

As the attack begins, Dwight nonchalantly lights a cigarette and walks away as the guards on top of the compound are shot. Dwight joins Negan's other lieutenants to face the Militia when they arrive. Rick calls Dwight out as one of the lieutenants and calls on him as well as the others to make their choice about whether or not to support Negan before letting a massive herd of walkers into the compound. When the Militia opens fire on the Sanctuary, Dwight ducks inside for safety.

Dwight is present for the meeting with Negan and his other lieutenants (Simon, Regina, Eugene, and Gavin) at the Sanctuary. They discuss the joint rebellion of Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom. Dwight gets up to leave for a cigarette but Negan questions why he wouldn't want to hear Gregory. Dwight says it doesn't matter because he's just going to do what he's told and leaves, unaware that Dwight is helping Rick and the Militia. Just then, gunshots ring out, signaling the start of Rick's attack, the events of "Mercy" then take place.

Back in the meeting room, the Savior lieutenants discuss their course of action. Eugene calls Regina's plans inadequate and would cost workers their lives. Regina wants to sacrifice them as a distraction but Eugene insists they are valuable. Dwight takes Eugene's side. Gavin turns his attention to who the Savior mole has to be. Dwight turns the conversation to everyone needing to get out. Simon has a angry grin on his face and complaints Dwight about his idea he explains how when the find the guy they will kill the guy slowly in front of everyone.

Eugene enters Dwight's room with his jar of cucumbers. He expresses thanks for Dwight's support in the meeting. He tells Dwight they will get out of this "pickle" together. Eugene sits at a chess set and touches a piece but Dwight tells him to be careful and wait because they're still wet, he made them himself. Eugene leaves, thanking Dwight once gain.

Dwight and the lieutenants are in another meeting, Suddenly, Laura enters to notify them that the workers are coming up the stairs. They all exit into the corridor and find it full of workers making demands. Someone asks where Negan is; when another worker draws a gun, Regina shoots him and says she is Negan. The workers and lieutenants alike kneel when they hear whistling down the hall, as they recognize the sound as Negan.

The high-ranking Saviors reassemble again later, and Gary, Laura, and Arat inform the group that someone had taken guns from the armory to give to the workers. Eugene sees the paint from Dwight's chess pieces on the board and is getting nervous with the conversation and looks to Dwight, figuring out that Dwight is the one who gave the worker the guns. Dwight remains silent towards him.

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Dwight on the Walking Dead Wiki

We have the advantage here, Rick. We could take their leader down right away. Everything would fall into place without her. People here would thank us. You know that. This is how it has to be. We have to do this.
~ Dwight while holding Pamela at gunpoint, shortly before being executed by Rick.

Dwight is a main character first introduced in Issue 98 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is a member of The Saviors who has a half burnt face due to Negan, the leader of The Saviors. Dwight wields a crossbow which has been used to kill many zombies and also Abraham Ford. It was revealed, in Issue 108, that Dwight is the husband of Sherry. Although he was the secondary antagonist of Volume 17: Something to Fear and served as Negan's lieutenant, he later reformed, turned on Negan and joined Rick's group to defeat Negan.


Dwight is a survivor with a half burned face who wields a crossbow. Dwight killed Abraham Ford with his crossbow, and took Eugene Porter as a hostage with his fellow Saviors. At the Alexandria Safe Zone's gates, Dwight tries to get in with many other Saviors. However, Eugene bites his crotch and Rick Grimes' group starts to shoot at the Saviors.

Dwight retreats with many other Saviors with his crotch bleeding. Dwight returns at the end of Issue 101 as a hostage of the Alexandria Safe-Zone members. Dwight yells at Andrea and Rick, saying that when Negan finds them he will kill them. Andrea punches Dwight in the face. Rick debates what to do with Dwight. Carl tells him to kill Dwight to show that the Safe-Zone is not to be messed with. Rick talks to Michonne about the matter and she agrees to not attack, so Rick decides to let Dwight leave Alexandria, much to the anger of Holly, Andrea, and Carl. Rick then tells Paul Monroe to follow Dwight to get as much intelligence on the Saviors as possible.

Since the fall of Negan, he has become the leader of the Saviors.

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