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Dwight stifler

Dwight Stifler is the cousin of Steve, Matt and Erik Stifler. He is the deuteragonist in The Naked Mile and One of one of the two main protagonists in Beta House, the other being Erik.


The Naked Mile

Dwight is first encountered during a drinking game at his fraternity Beta House, which he wins. After waking up from being wasted, Dwight, along with Erik and his friends Cooze and Ryan, are convinced by his friend bull to play in a football game against a midget fraternity led by his arch-rival Rock. Although the midgets are at first able to gain the upper hand, Dwight and others are able to make a comeback. However, just as Dwight was about to score the winning touchdown, Rock comes from out of nowhere and hits Dwight in the groin, causing the Betas to lose to the football game. However, Dwight doesn't care as he learned that Erik's girlfriend has given him a "guilt-free pass" to have sex this weekend, which he thinks is a good thing as he though that Erik was adopted. Later that night, Dwight, along Erik and the others, attend a party at a bar where he is treated like a celebrity.

Beta House

When Erik arrives at college, Dwight welcome him and convinces his fraternity brothers to select Erik, Cooze, Erik's roommate, Bobby, and others to join to Beta House.


Like the others in his family, Dwight is sex obsessed and loves to party. However, unlike, Steve and Matt, Dwight is not a cruel as them and insults his enemies more than his friends. For this reason, Dwight is more well-liked than most of his cousins.


  • He lost his virginity in middle school when he had sex with a lunch lady.
  • Along with Steve and Matt, Dwight is considered one of the "Legendary Stifler Boys".
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