OhMyDog! OhMyDog! OhMyDog!
~ Dylan's panicking words

Dylan is the male protagonist and the main protagonist of 101 Dalmatian Street of the 101 Dalmatians franchises. He is the eldest sibling and eldest male puppy of the Dalmatian family, son of Delilah, the older brother of Delilah's other puppies, the stepson of Doug, the stepbrother of Dolly and her siblings and a descendant of Pongo and Perdita.

He is voiced by Josh Brener, who currently voices Donatello in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


In the series, Dylan along with his stepsister Dolly, is tasked by his mother Delilah and stepfather Doug to look after their 97 younger siblings whilst they go out to work.


Dylan is the most responsible of the dalmatian siblings. He loves and protects his brothers and sisters including Dolly despite her actions and attitude. He's also more of a worrier wart and will do anything to make sure his family's safe.


Dylan has one black ear and one white ear (like his mother Delilah) and wears a red collar with a silver star tag.



  • Unlike his mother and his other siblings who speak with English accents, Dylan speaks with an American accent like his stepfather and stepsiblings. It is possible that the reason for this is Dylan may have a different father from his other siblings and that Dylan's father may have been American and that Dylan picked up the accent whilst his other siblings father/fathers were English.
  • In the pilot episode, both of Dylan's ears are black with white spots but was later changed to having his right ear black with white spots and his left ear white with black spots.
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