Dylan is a blue sturgeon fish and supporting character in the animated film The Reef & it's sequel The Reef 2: High Tide. He is Pi's cousin. He is embarrassed by his mother Pearl's claim to be a fortunteteller. He is voiced by Andy Dick.

The Reef

Dylaen is a neurotic wrasse fish who helps Pi learn the ways of hte reef. His mother, Pearl claims to be a fortuneteller but he is embarrassed by her. He helps Pi get with Cordelia but is nervous and scared of Troy. He is also rather suspicious about Nerissa the turtle since the turtle is such a loner. he helps Pi defeat Troy and is last seen witnessing PI propose to Cordelia

The Reef 2: High Tide

Dylan also helps Pi defeat Troy. When Troy sends a dwarf shark named ronny to sabatogue his training, He becomes Ronny's agent. He uses his talents to defat the other sharks. THen Dylan dances in the end

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