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It's the Fourth of July, let's show 'em some fireworks.
~ Dylan Dubrow-Hiller.
Get ready for a close encounter, b***h!
~ Dylan to Harvester Queen.

Captain Dylan Dubrow-Hiller is a major character in the Independence Day franchise, first appears as a supporting character in the first movie, and returns as the one of the main protagonists of the 2016 sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, serving as the deuteragonist. He is the son of Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller and stepson of Steven Hiller. By 2016, he is a pilot and a captain in Earth Space Defense (ESD).

He is portrayed by Ross Bagley in the original 1996 movie, and Jessie Usher in the sequel. Usher also played Lyle in Level Up, and JJ Shaft in Shaft.


During the War of 1996, Dylan and his mother survived the destruction of Los Angeles. They then searched for survivors and traveled to the ruins of El Toro, where they were found by Steven who took them to Area 51. There, Dylan befriended Patricia Whitmore, the daughter of President Thomas Whitmore.


After the war, Dylan and his family lived in reconstructed Washington, D.C. until moving to Nevada near Area 51. He attended a STEP academy with aspiration of becoming a fighter pilot like his stepfather. There, he befriended fellow student Jake Morrison.

Dylan was accepted into the ESD Academy. Tragedy in his life struck when Steven Hiller was killed while flying a hybrid fighter during the 2007 ESD Spring Expo. Since then, Dylan continued to follow his dream of becoming a fighter pilot.

Dylan was applied to the ESD's Legacy Squadron. He and Jake established a rivalry of sorts that soon strained their friendship. This came to ahead when Dylan was almost killed in a training accident caused by Jake. Although angered, Dylan did not file a complaint against Jake but testified against him for making a profound misjudgment.

War of 2016

Dylan arrived on the moon base where he punched Jake for almost getting him killed during the training. Later after the Harvester Queens ship arrived he launched an all out attack where Jake saved him from alien fighters. When the queens ship is too heavily defended he took on Jakes idea about going inside the ship but his squadron was wiped out with only a few survivors due to the cold fusion bombs were contained in an energy shield. Dylan later lead Jake, Rain and Charlie into stealing some alien fighters in where Jake said if they don't make it out then he let Dylan know that he is sorry for almost getting him killed but Dylan made Jake know that he is not sorry for punching him in the face. After they escape they attack the Alien Queen who took the sphere but after using cold fusion drives to escape from the queens control they successfully kill the queen and make her ship leave the planet saving Earth in the process.



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