Dynasty is a militarized team of Chinese superheroes in the Marvel universe.


When the super villain Mandarin sent an army of Dreadnoughts (robots) to attack the Three Gorges Dam in China, Dynasty together with Iron Man defended the dam from the attackers. Later Iron Man was kidnapped by Mandarin and forced to develop a new weapon for him, the Titanomechs. His friends contacted Dynasty, requesting their aid in requesting Iron Man who was being held on Mandarin City, an island near China. Dynasty went to rescue him and assisted Iron Man in defeating the Mandarin and destroying the Titanomechs.

During the invasion of Earth by the alien conqueror Thanos and his army of pirates, mercenaries, and outlaws (the Black Order), Dynasty was one of the superhero teams battling the invaders. In the process the team lost two of its members, one of which was the team leader (Star). Afterwards the team was disbanded.


  • Star: Well-trained soldier who was equipped with body armor, two handguns and a shield like that possessed by Captain America
  • The Revolutionary: Used a suit of power armor with built-in weapons and flight capabilities.
  • Soldier One: Well-trained soldier equipped with a harness outfitted with two large cannons that could fire missiles or act like machine-guns.
  • Weather Witch: She could fly, manipulate the weather, and project electrical blasts from her hands.
  • Saber: Well-trained soldier with body armor and two energy swords.



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