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I am Omega, the ultimate E-series robot!
~ E-123 Omega, Sonic Heroes.

E-123 Omega is a supporting character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the last robot in Eggman's E-series line, fittingly named "Omega". After Eggman had moved on to building bigger and better robots, he locked Omega away in one of his bases, with the implied purpose being to contain Shadow. After Rouge unwittingly awakened him, he decides to take revenge upon his creator to prove his worth, joining Rouge and Shadow on their quest. Sometime later, he would join his two friends as a part of GUN.

He was voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in the Japanese version. In the English version, he was voiced by Jon St. John in Sonic Heroes, Jeff Kramer in Shadow the Hedgehog, the late Maddie Blustein in Sonic the Hedgehog, Vic Mignogna in Sonic Colors, Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Sonic Forces and Aaron LaPlante in Team Sonic Racing.


Sonic Heroes

Omega debuted in Sonic Heroes. When Rouge the Bat went searching for Eggman's secret treasure in his base, she accidentally reactivated Omega when she released Shadow from a stasis pod. Mistaking Shadow for an Eggman robot and following his new mission, Omega attempted to take out the hedgehog. However, Rouge broke up the fighting long enough to hear both their stories. He soon teamed up with Rouge and Shadow as the power member of Team Dark.

The three of them then started their search for Eggman at Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace before coming face-to-face with the Doctor himself (who was really Metal Sonic in disguise) in his Egg Hawk. After defeating it, they continued on to Grand Metropolis and afterward Power Plant, where they met with Team Chaotix. Rouge believed them to be rivals seeking Eggman's treasure, and a brief battle ensued. They then headed to Casino Park and Omega detected enemies two hundred meters ahead of them while Rouge was wondering about the Chaotix. They then went to Bingo Highway and finally met up with "Eggman" again, who set an army of robots against them, but were defeated by Team Dark's combined efforts. Following "Eggman's" energy signature, Omega led them to his ground base passed Rail Canyon and through Bullet Station before confronting "Eggman" again in his Egg Albatross and Egg Hawk combined. They defeated both and discovered that the Eggman they fought appeared to be a dummy that issued a recorded laughing, which angered Omega. The automaton then watched Shadow when he discovered a robot in his likeness before the ultimate life form ordered them to move and they proceeded to Frog Forest. After trekking through Lost Jungle, they came across Team Sonic, who were also looking for Eggman, and a fight ensued. Once this was over, Omega led them to Hang Castle on the search for Eggman and through Mystic Mansion. After they escaped the castle, "Eggman" appeared again, but Omega was unable to tell if it was really him or not due to his sensors being jammed. After defeating an even larger army of robots, Team Dark made its way on to the Egg Fleet and finally arrived on Final Fortress. After getting passed the ship's forces, they battled "Eggman" in his Egg Emperor and won, causing multiple explosions to course through the machine. After deeming "Eggman" eradicated, Omega then set about destroying a room full of Shadow Androids. Rouge had just entered looking for the Doctor's treasure. The bat then told Omega that Shadow, the one they knew, was a robot ("android" in the Japanese version), and before saying anything else, turned to leave. Then Omega said, with a slight sign of compassion, that in order for there to be clones the original must still exist. He then accompanied Team Dark to a large tower on the ship in the shape of Eggman, and watched as it was destroyed and the parts used to turn Neo Metal Sonic into the Metal Overlord, though still largely incomplete. He then gathered around with the other three teams as the real Eggman explained that Metal Sonic copied all their data and combined it with the power of Chaos, saying it would help if they had the seven Chaos Emeralds. Fortunately, all four teams had collected the emeralds during their adventures, and Rouge and Omega revealed they had the grey and green Chaos Emeralds respectively. But Eggman still thought it a long shot, so Shadow told Team Sonic that he and everyone else would distract Metal Sonic long enough for them to induce a super transformation using the emeralds' power. After Team Rose and Team Chaotix attacked Metal Sonic from the right and left sides of him, Team Dark struck him from the front by assaulting his weak point that changed to repel the attacks of the three members at the right time. But, fortunately, through team work, they managed to weaken him before he grew wings and took off into the sky. Team Sonic then went into their super states and challenged the Metal Overlord and won. Neo Metal Sonic was then reverted back to his original form, and Omega picked up his deactivated body when everyone was gone and watched Team Sonic, Rouge and Amy Rose run off into the distance with Shadow.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Omega made his next appearance in Shadow the Hedgehog (2005), still with the sole intention of getting revenge on Eggman. With the original English cast replaced with voice actors from 4Kids Entertainment, Jeff Kramer of Webtone Productions played the role of Omega while Taiten Kusunoki returned to voice Omega in the original Japanese version.

Optionally, Shadow can assist Omega in the "Hero" missions of the "Iron Jungle" and "Lava Shelter" stages by teaming up to find Eggman. Omega will also assist Shadow in the "Egg Breaker" and "Egg Dealer" boss battles following those stages. Omega can also be heard speaking to Shadow during Expert Mode on the "Mad Matrix" and "Lava Shelter" levels, challenging Shadow to access all four of the world's terminals in the former and serving as a comic relief by interrupting Rouge in the latter. He makes one more off screen appearance in Expert Mode during The Last Way where he can be heard wishing Shadow luck along with the rest of the game's supporting cast.

In the missions that Omega appears in, the player must either destroy the Egg Balloon ("Iron Jungle") or head to the center of Eggman's base ("Lava Shelter") to complete the "Hero" mission. Strangely, whether the player completes the "Hero" or "Dark" mission for "Lava Shelter", Omega will still appear to help Shadow fight the Egg Dealer, despite the "Dark" mission being aiding Eggman. It is possible to play as Omega and most allies in the game by inserting a second controller when he is your ally, allowing the second player to control Omega within a limited distance before respawning next to Shadow. Whilst in control of Omega, Player 2 can move, jump and swipe at enemies.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Omega appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) with a prominent role in Shadow's story, this time voiced by Maddie Blaustein in English and again by Taiten Kusunoki (mistakenly credited as "Taitem") in the Japanese version. His face is used on the "Dark Hero" achievement worth 50 Gamerscore, which is earned by "meet[ing] all the requests with magnificent skill," or in other words, complete all Town Missions with an S Rank.Upon being sent to the future by Mephiles the Dark and after finding a Chaos Emerald, Shadow and Rouge found Omega in standby mode, abandoned among the ruins of Crisis City. Unable to reactivate him, his teammates resigned themselves that there was nothing they could do to help him and left him behind in the rubble. Later in the story, Rouge went back to the present alone, where GUN helped her find Omega in the ruins of Tropical Jungle, (judging by the throngs of Eggman's robots, it can be reasonably speculated that Omega was in the area to destroy them). Rouge asked Omega to help Shadow out in the future, entrusting him with the green Chaos Emerald they'd found. Omega complied, and went into standby mode until the point in the future when Shadow was in trouble. Between then, Shadow was blamed for releasing Iblis by humanity, and, according to Mephiles, they reprogrammed Omega to hunt him down and seal Shadow within a technologically advanced cage. Omega carried out these orders and was then left within Crisis City's ruins until he was meant to help the past Shadow. When the moment finally arrived after waiting two centuries, Omega reactivated and helped Shadow in a fight against Mephiles just when he was in danger, after which Shadow and Omega went back to the present while chasing Mephiles through a time-warping sphere of energy. They met up with Rouge at Soleanna's docks and Shadow headed off to get answers about Mephiles from Dr. Eggman. Omega then went in pursuit of Mephiles himself while Rouge moved to Soleanna's Castle Town and was present when Shadow returned from the past.Omega located Mephiles at position K31 in Wave Ocean and after getting passed obstacles and defeating numerous enemies, located Mephiles and proceeded to attack him. Mephiles teased Omega by saying that he was clearly made to capture Shadow judging by how easily he could defeat him, and showed knowledge of Omega's capture of Shadow. Before Mephiles revealed everything, Omega proceeded to unload his machine guns on Mephiles, and he disappeared in a black mist. Omega then revealed somewhat sadly to Shadow and Rouge that during his two hundred-year isolation he had been reprogrammed to capture Shadow due to humanity's fear of him and was the one who sealed him in his future prison.The trio later chased Mephiles to a temple in Dusty Desert and Shadow and Omega navigated through it, trying to reach Mephiles before he could find the Chaos Emerald inside and merge back with Iblis to become Solaris, but they arrived too late. They had taken with them a new Scepter of Darkness and used it after defeating Mephiles, but failed to seal him in it because of his new form made through Shadow's shadow. After blasting all three members of Team Dark off their feet, Mephiles then used his powers, along with two Chaos Emeralds, to summon a clone army of himself. Before finishing them off, Mephiles reminded Shadow of humanity's betrayal against him in the future. Without hesitation, Shadow told him that if the world chose to become his enemy, that he would fight as he always had. Shadow then removed his power inhibitor rings and covered himself and his team in a huge amount of energy and defeated Mephiles and his clone army.

Afterward, Team Dark took view of their handiwork and Shadow attempted to take Mephiles' Chaos Emeralds, only for them to start glowing  and transport them all off to a space-time rift created by the newly rectified Solaris along with Silver, Eggman, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Princess Elise and Sonic's dead body. Everyone briefly grieved over Sonic's death. Knuckles said that they had to stop Solaris at once, but Eggman informed everyone that Solaris couldn't be defeated in this specific time, since it existed in the past, present and future. Silver suggested that they destroy Solaris all at once, but Shadow countered his argument, saying it was not possible without Sonic's help. Elise then felt Sonic's presence in the wind and Silver realized that they could use the Chaos Emeralds to resurrect him. Omega and the others then spread out over the distant corners of the rift to find the Chaos Emeralds  and he traveled to Flame Core, where he found the green emerald near a lake of lava. Once all the Chaos Emeralds were collected, Sonic was revived with Elise's kiss and the power of the emeralds, transforming him into Super Sonic. He then gave this power to Shadow and Silver to transform into their Super States, and together the three hedgehogs defeated Solaris as Omega and the others watched them battle.

Omega is playable in the first boss battle against Mephiles, Wave Ocean, Dusty Desert and the End of the World stages. He is also playable in the various downloadable Very Hard Missions of Shadow's levels, including Kingdom Valley, Crisis City, Flame Core, Radical Train, Aquatic Base, and Dusty Desert. He is final playable character in the "Team Attack Amigo" DLC in the levels Dusty Desert, White Acropolis and finally fights against the Egg Genesis, the DLC's only boss.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Sonic Colors

Sonic Runners

Sonic Forces

Omega appears as a supporting character in Sonic Forces. He doesn't play that much of a big role in the game. He was seen deactivated due to the damages he suffered from the war and was seen being repaired by Tails. He was later seen in another cutscene all repaired.

However, in Episode Shadow and the prequel comics, Omega was part of Team Dark, serving as a reconnaissance and intel gathering group for the Resistance before the War to Take Back the Planet began in earnest. Omega had been dispatched to recon an Eggman base that was heavily guarded, despite being in a location that did not seem very important. As Shadow is making his way to meet up with Omega, Omega engages Eggman's forces head-on, much to Rouge's annoyance. However, Omega later reports in that he has been engaged by a new, unidentified enemy and is in trouble. When Shadow tries to regain contact with him, Omega sounds as if he is malfunctioning, saying Rouge is KIA and Shadow is to be eliminated. Shadow tries to ask him what's going on, but Omega's final communication says he is pulling out in an emergency withdrawal before the line goes dead.

When Shadow finds himself in Infinite's virtual reality later, he is left confused when Rouge reveals Omega was destroyed three months ago, then reveals later that he was never destroyed to begin with, confusing Shadow, before Omega then chimes in to report that he is never defeated, before beginning to ramble like Infinite after he was defeated by Shadow, saying over and over "I AM NOT WEAK", leaving Shadow clutching his head in pain before escaping the virtual reality, leaving Infinite impressed before he escapes as Shadow is forced to flee Eggman's facility before it explodes.

Mario & Sonic



Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Post-Super Genesis Wave



E-123 Omega's design appears to be based on the rest of the E-100 Series robots (particularly E-102 Gamma) while making him stand out by giving him a stockier upper body and arms with red eyes instead of green. He is also much shorter than the other models and his shoulders are much larger with a visible Greek symbol on the front of the left and back of the right with red handlebars on the top. Also, instead of the twin exhaust pipes and the Jet Booster of the first E-100 Series robots, Omega has one circling pipe around the waist with two flaps attached and having twin jets installed in his back below the hunch. The stripe running from his head to stomach has also been changed so that it is a separate piece of metal altogether and not simply painted on like the others and he also has one extra finger and two hands with yellow wrists studded with large spikes like a dog collar. Just below his stripe is a plate of clear material that allows others to see some of his inner workings.


Omega has a very complicated personality, only single-mindedly focused on his revenge mission and nothing else. Likewise, he considers himself to be the best of Eggman's creations, as he degrades every other robot created before him as complete rubbish. Omega does grow to consider Shadow and Rouge close friends though, and will always prioritize their word above anything else. Since he was designed as a battle robot, his first directive is to shoot first and ask questions later.

However, Omega does show that he is on the side of good. In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), he expresses regret when it was revealed that he was the one who sealed Shadow away, and it was implied to be against his will. Omega is also quite capable of empathy. When Rouge shows concern in Sonic Heroes that Shadow might not be the real Shadow, Omega states, in a roundabout way, that the real Shadow must exist which gives Rouge hope.




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