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I’ve … got … something … for … you!
~ Eagle Man's famously awkward line.

Eagle Man.png

Eagle Man is the titular hero in the infamous, poorly-rendered 1993 commercial for Eagle Insurance. He is an overly large, semi-anthropomorphic bald eagle whose job is to spread low insurance rates and stop corruption and insurance predation in Illinois. Despite being male, Eagle Man is seen laying an egg.


In the commercial, Eagle Man appears after two woman park their car in a parking lot when suddenly they hear a loud thud. When the driver asks what that sound was, the passenger replies stating that it must be Eagle Man. When the driver gets out of the car, she finds a large bald eagle man perched atop the roof. Eagle Man then proclaims to the driver "I’ve … got … something … for … you!", before laying an abnormally large egg onto the car roof. The egg hatches instantaneously, with the head of an eagle chick emerging, holding an insurance card showing low rates in its beak. The women are then astonished by these low rates.

Eagle Man, as well as the commercial itself, have since become "immortalized" as an internet meme.