The Frollo Show episode 17 - Frollo Finally Does It (part 1)

The Frollo Show episode 17 - Frollo Finally Does It (part 1)

Hero lemon
"THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!"- Lemongrab saving Frollo from Wilford's Dungeon

The Earl of Lemongrab in the Frollo Show is a villain turned good here. 


Lemongrab, like in his show appearance, is loud, insane, and hammy. Due to his very loud voice and insanity, he is psychedelic and strange.

He may be fearless, as he was upset rather than frightened at Wilford's newfound power in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, angrily asking him if he had any idea how many rules he broke. But he was afraid however to fight the Wilford demon in Frollo Finally Does It until Frollo is caught where he goes back to save Frollo.

Role in the Show

He appears in "Frollo is too Young" after Frollo becomes young saying that he can't rule the show. He takes over as a reviewer saying if things are good or bad (i.e. Banjo-Kazooie, Irate Gamer, Angry Video Game NerdFrollo and Gaston (The Frollo Show) soon drive him away with Fred: The Movie and leaves. He later joins the Los no Frollos and participates in the fight. He defeats Dimitri and Morrigan Aensland by knocking both into the PITy. When Wilford reveals his true intentions, he joins everyone else in the fight to stop him. When Frollo is caught by Wilford trying to leave the cave, he goes back and saves him. Unfrotunately, he is caught under a rock and Frollo kills hm. The others sign the words, "Here lies a true hero," on his grave for comitting this bold act. 


  • Some of his lines also come from his actor's other characters like Blendin Blandin.
  • The song that plays when Frollo is forced to kill him is called, Inevitabilis, the song played in a similar emotional scene in the anime "Puella Magi Magica Madoka" from what happened to Homura Akemi
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