I'm the Eastwood Insurance Cowboy. Because you have Eastwood Insurance I'll be with you wherever you go.
~ The Eastwood Insurance Cowboy

The Eastwood Insurance Cowboy is the hero from the 1990's commercial campaign for Eastwood Insurance. The campaign consists of at least 31 commercials. In the majority of the commercials, the cowboy is seen protecting and rescuing people from dangerous situations.

He is portrayed by Jason Bradley Jacobs.

Personal background

The cowboy is a white clean-shaven male about in his early 20s. He has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a typical cowboy outfit. He has a light-colored cowboy hat that sports a cattleman crease with a brown band. He wears a light brown western shirt with a white ribbon bow tie ornamenting his neck. He has a brown belt and jeans. There is a western accent when he speaks. He has a pet dog named Butch that wears a black cowboy hat.

Breakout success

The campaign's most famous, memorable, and enduring commercial is the one that takes place in a community shower with another man.

The Eastwood Insurance Cowboy from 1990s shower commercial helping a regular guy
The commercial begins with a naked man showering. He recognizes the Eastwood Insurance Cowboy and starts a conversation. The man asks about Eastwood's claims of having low rates being true. The Eastwood Insurance Cowboy confirms that the claims are true. The man uses the 1990's informal figure-of-speech "Get out" to express his disbelief that the claims are true. The Eastwood Insurance Cowboy takes the expression literally and says he is still soapy but the man can call Eastwood himself to get a quote within minutes. The man gives a giant smile to the cowboy for all the helpful information.

The commercial ends with the man taking the Eastwood Insurance Cowboy's towel. The cowboy is shown leaving the shower using his hat to cover himself.

Even after 20 years this commercial has survived and is ubiquitous on the internet.

Legacy of heroic deeds

Eastwood Insurance Cowboy saves the day

One expounded example from the 31+ commercials is where the cowboy saves a woman tied up to a stake. The commercial starts with the Eastwood Insurance Cowboy riding his horse. He suddenly hears a woman crying out for help. The cowboy locates the woman, but is confronted by the woman's captor - another cowboy dressed in black with a giant mustache. The Eastwood Insurance Cowboy defeats the villain. The cowboy saves the woman and ties up the villain.

In most of the commercials, the cowboy is shown performing a variety of heroic acts which include the following:

  • Protecting people wherever they go when they have insurance with Eastwood
  • Helping regular people avoid putting themselves in unpleasant situations such as being laughed at by cops
  • Sympathizing with everyday people's tears of joy/pain
  • Placing himself in dangerous situations (on top a cherry picker, in the middle of a circus troupe, etc.) to help people save their hard-earned money
  • Sharing with others about a company that had the lowest rates at that time
  • Spreading joy by letting others know how to enjoy the fun cowboy way of life
  • Saving damsels in distress




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