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Eatle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Oryctini from Coleop Terra.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Eatle first appeared in A Knight to Remember, where he tried to stop Vilgax from breaking the Seal but was instantly defeated by him.

In Enemy of My Frenemy, Eatle defeated a water creature that Addwaitya had created. Later, Eatle tried to devour Charmcaster's machine before switching into Chromastone once he realized he could not eat the entire machine.

In Catch a Falling Star, Eatle fought Carl Nesmith, but was defeated by a mentally unstable Jennifer Nocturne.

In Night of the Living Nightmare, Eatle defeated a Ship-enhanced Julie in a dream.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1, Eatle battled a Lucubra-enhanced Vilgax with the help of Sir George before eventually switching into Humungousaur when Vilgax started gaining the upper hand.

Ben 10: Omniverse

In Hot Stretch, Eatle chased after Ester in Undertown and retrieved a Nuclear Fusion Device from her only to lose it to the Kraaho.

In Store 23, Eatle briefly flew through the air due to being launched by Liam's cart of Vaxasaurian eggs before reverting.

In Return to Forever, Eatle tried to break out of a force field, but was reverted by the Forever Knights' DNA Scanner.

In OTTO Motives, Eatle briefly fought a giant O.T.T.O.

In Let's Do the Time War Again, Eatle ate part of the wrecked Tenn-Speed offscreen before being picked up by Rook.

Powers and Abilities

Eatle has the ability to eat materials and then convert their matter into energy to stoot a green laser beam out of the slot on his fin that is powerful enough to cut a floating mountain and even hold down Vilgax.

Eatle has enhanced strength and sharp fingers. His horn can also be used as a very effective battering ram, as shown in his fight with vilgax in The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1.


In Ultimate Alien, Eatle was a ten-feet-tall robotic humanoid alien with some shark-like characteristics as well. He was dark blue, almost purple, and light blue in color. He had a long horn on the top of his head connected to a shorter protrusion on the back of his head and a large mouth that spread over part of his chest. He also had a silver belt, matching wristbands, oval-shaped eyes, and the inside of his mouth was green.

In Omniverse, Eatle's upper lip is completely covered by his lower lip, which now has different teeth. He has a blue tongue and his horn now has forks at the top, making it resemble that of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. He now has two toes on his feet, and spikes on his arms and the backs of his legs, as well as two longer ones on either side of his mouth. His blue has switched to gray, and he has green clothing all over his torso, as well as a dark green, almost black shell on his back and armor of the same color.

Eatle wears the Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


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