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Ebisu is a minor character in Beastars. He is a resident of the Hidden Condo. Ebisu is a main character of Chapter 10. Ebisu is a raven. Ebisu's debut in Beastars is Chapter 115 and Chapter 10 in Beast Complex.


He is a medium height raven with a very muscular build. Ebisu is a raven due to a genetic mutation which causes congenital absence of pigmentation, so his plumage is completely white. He wears a white shirt, dark jeans and sports shoes.


He is friendly with his neighbors. His body language is not very delicate, and he seems to have a certain appreciation for what physical strength is.


  • Ebisu reveals that there are criminal groups that are interested in capturing albino animals, similar to how the Shishigumi kidnapped Haru for being a white-furred animal.
  • His and Orion's relationship is hinted to be romantic like Legoshi and Haru's relationship and Tem and Els's relationship.