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Ebonwumon is one of the Harmonious Ones, the four guardians of the DigiWorld. In Digimon Adventure tri., he was partner of Unknown DigiDestined, he is Mega form of Orochimon.

In English version of Digimon Tamers, he is voiced by Dave Wittenberg who also voices Henry Wong & Kakashi Hatake.


Ebonwumon is one of the Four Digimon Sovereigns that governs the Northern Hemisphere. He resmbles the a turtle with two heads and the large tree at the back of his shell.


Digimon Adventure tri.

Many years ago before Tai & others, Orochimon digivolve to Ebonwumon. He and another Harmonious Ones fight Dark Masters.

Digimon Tamers

He is the guardian of the Digital World's Northern hemisphere.

Having a second snake-head, Ebonwumon is gentle-hearted in personality as he looks after Baihumon's domain during his fellow Sovereign's fight with the D-Reaper.


Digimon Adventure tri.


  • His form is modeled after the Genbu with phantasmagoric water techniques.
  • In the English dub, each of Ebonwumon's heads speaks with a different accent; one head speaks with a Scottish accent and the other with an Irish brogue.

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