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Eclipsa Butterfly is a character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

She is voiced by Esmé Bianco in the English version of the cartoon, and by Angela Brusa in the Italian version of the cartoon.


Originally thought to be Star's ninth great-grandmother, Eclipsa was revealed to be the last queen of the original Butterfly dynasty before being succeeded by a line of usurpers. Eclipsa garnered a reputation for being quite rebellious and was even believed by many to be outright evil, due to her unapologetic use of taboo dark magic, and for having rejected her arranged marriage to a nobleman, abandoning her kingdom to elope with her monster lover, Globgor, whom the mewmans greatly feared. Eclipsa and Globgor had a daughter together before the forbidden couple was crystallized a full three centuries before the start of the series, with their daughter being given away, growing up to become the villainous Miss Heinous. Eclipsa has since regained her freedom through a bargain struck with Moon, which set in motion a series of events that eventually led to Star willingly surrendering both the wand and the throne of Mewni to Eclipsa.


When she was first mentioned, Eclipsa was presented as a regrettable part of the Butterfly Family's history for having betrayed them to take on a monster lover and was said to have done all sorts of horrible things to the point she was crystalized. Slowly, once she was properly introduced she appeared to be a anti-villain who might've been manipulating Moon to gain her freedom and later tried to manipulate Star into thinking she was innocent, all so she could get her wand back and free her husband and daughter. The fourth season finally confirmed that, while Eclipsa dabbled in some dark magic and had a few selfish motivations, she was truly a decent woman who was unfairly stigmatized for wanting to end monster persecution and for escaping an unhappy marriage to be with someone who respected her so they could have a child. All talk of Eclipsa's supposed "evil deeds" were lies and hearsay spread by the Magic High Commission and her vengeful ex-husband Shastacan. It's telling that despite how many people have called her a villain, she never holds a grudge against them and has been known to show concern for her enemies despite being perfectly justified in hating them.


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