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Eclipsa Butterfly also known as Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness is a character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Once presumed to be Star Butterfly's sixth great-grandmother and Moon Butterfly's fifth great-grandmother, she is later revealed to be Meteora Butterfly's mother. She is first alluded to in "Into the Wand".

She is voiced by Esmé Bianco in the English version of the cartoon, and by Angela Brusa in the Italian version of the cartoon.


Eclipsa has pale skin, poofy teal hair, mauve eyes, and red spade-shaped marks on her cheeks. She wears a long, dark purple Gothic-themed dress with a brown ring at the waist, a large black sun hat with gray and white feathers and a thorny branch, a white cravat with a blue crescent moon on it, long mauve gloves, and black flats with pale purple socks. Eclipsa also has maroon-colored lipstick and black mascara and purple eye shadow. Underneath her gloves, her hands are dark purple with purple veins sprouting out on her arms. Eclipsa also wears a wedding ring on the middle finger of her right hand. She is 5' 2" (1.57 m) tall.

In her Butterfly form, Eclipsa has six arms, large purple wings, and two furry antennae, and her hair stands up slightly. As of this episode, her arms are also cleansed of their black veins (due to being plunged into the liquid magic), and she no longer has cheek marks (due to the destruction of magic itself).

As a newborn, Eclipsa had only one tooth and wore a light purple onesie and dark violet shoes.


Originally thought to be Star's ninth great-grandmother, Eclipsa was revealed to be the last queen of the original Butterfly dynasty before being succeeded by a line of usurpers. Eclipsa garnered a reputation for being quite rebellious and was even believed by many to be outright evil, due to her unapologetic use of taboo dark magic, and for having rejected her arranged marriage to a nobleman, abandoning her kingdom to elope with her monster lover, Globgor, whom the mewmans greatly feared. Eclipsa and Globgor had a daughter together before the forbidden couple was crystallized a full three centuries before the start of the series, with their daughter being given away, growing up to become the villainous Miss Heinous. Eclipsa has since regained her freedom through a bargain struck with Moon, which set in motion a series of events that eventually led to Star willingly surrendering both the wand and the throne of Mewni to Eclipsa.

Powers and abilities

  • Royal Magic Wand: As a queen of Mewni, Eclipsa once wielded the royal magic wand, taking the form of a parasol in her possession. Although Baby claims that she had the greatest magical potential she had ever seen before Star, Eclipsa never learned to use magic without the wand, though in "Tough Love" she used magic without a wand against Moon. After retaking possession of the wand in "Conquer", Eclipsa demonstrates incredible power with its magic, being able to overpower and defeat Meteora as well as duel and incapacitate Rhombulus. This is further demonstrated in "Ready, Aim, Fire", when she battles against a Solarian Warrior.
  • Creativity: Eclipsa is infamous for her creation and use of dark magic, creating many dark spells that would be logged into the Book of Spells and some of which never made it into the final draft. She has also displayed her creativity by making a guitar out of a skeleton.
  • Music: Eclipsa displays a talent for singing and playing the guitar in "Total Eclipsa the Moon", "Moon Remembers", "The Ponyhead Show!", "The Monster and the Queen", and "Cornonation".
  • Ultimate Magic Form: In "Cleaved", Eclipsa briefly gains access to her butterfly-like mewberty form.


  • Her English voice actress, Esmé Bianco, interpred Ros in Game Of Throns.
    • Gemma Whelan (her mother's voice actress) interpred Yara Greyjoy in the same show.
  • Ironically, while Eclipsa adores monsters, her mother hated them.
  • It is implied that Eclipsa is born to never married parents since her father was never stated as her mother’s husband.


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