Hiroshi? Hiroshi!
~ Ryan, realizing that Hiroshi was about to commit a kamikaze attack

Major Ed Ryan was a hero introduced in the Babylon 5 episode Severed Dreams.

He was portrayed by Bruce McGill.

In the late 2250s he was a direct subordinate of General William Hague. In 2259 Hague introduced him to the Captain of the EAS Clarkstown.

The following year Ryan joined Hague on board the EAS Alexander as the latter attempted to stage a coup against Morgan Clark after Clark declared martial law. The Alexander was able to escape Earth space, but Hague died when the Alexander was attacked by the Clarkstown.

With Hague dead, Ryan assumed command of the Alexander and ordered them to head to Babylon 5. Upon arrival he explained that Hague was dead and that he was now in command of the Alexander. His people and the B5 crew began making repairs to the Alexander. While discussing the situation Ryan's crew informed Ryan and Sheridan that Clark's people had begun bombing Mars, which had earlier refused to enact Clark's martial law decree.

A short time later fellow officer Sandra Hiroshi arrived on the Churchill, and told the B5 crew that an Earth task force was on the way to seize B5 by force.

Sheridan decided that he would stand against Clark. Ryan and Hiroshi both decided to stand with Sheridan at Babylon 5, and helped fight off the first group of Clark loyalist ships. Hiroshi died in the ensuing battle as Ryan yelled at her to get off the heavily damaged Churchill. The first wave of Clark loyalists were defeated, but a second wave of Clark loyalist ships arrived. Before that second wave could move in they were stopped by the timely intervention of Delenn and the Minbari fleet, who pointed out that any further hostility towards B5 was about to turn suicidal for Clark loyalists. The Clark loyalists quickly departed the area.

Once the battle was over, Ryan decided that it was time to leave so that Clark would not concentrate his fire at B5 and potentially take out all of the resistance against Clark.

Ryan continued to command the Alexander. The following year Ryan brought the ship to the Proxima star system after the liberation of Proxima III to help defend the colonists in the event Clark decided to attack them.


  • J. Michael Straczynski originally intended Everett McGill, who had portrayed Stilgar in the 1984 version of Dune, to portray Ryan. However due to a misunderstanding Bruce McGill was brought in, and Straczynski decided to go with him instead.
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