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My folks want me to be more, you know, independent, I guess. They even hooked me up with this life coach dude. I guess he's gonna help me find my purpose in life. Thought I had one, but turns out, it wasn't the right one or something, I don't know.
~ Eddie telling Buster Moon how his parents hired a life coach

Eddie Noodleman is an anthropomorphic Suffolk sheep and supporting character in Illumination's seventh feature film Sing. He also the main protagonist of "Eddie's Life Coach", a short included on Sing's home media release.

He is voiced by John C. Reilly, who also voiced Wreck-It Ralph from Disney's animated film of the same name and it's sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet.


Eddie has dark gray skin, white wool, and brown eyes. He usually wears a red beaded necklace, a red jacket over a yellow sleeveless shirt, and orange shorts. He also wears black sandals with white socks. When lounging at his parent's pool house, Eddie wears a blue robe. When visiting his Nana, Eddie wears a yellow dress jacket with a dark pink rose over a light blue sleeveless shirt.

In "Eddie's Life Coach", Eddie is revealed to sleep in a blue sleeveless shirt over a dark blue pajama shirts and bottoms. When working out, Eddie wears a red tracksuit and pants.


In contrast to his optimistic best friend Buster Moon, Eddie has a more doubtful outlook on the future of the Moon Theater. Also unlike the driven Buster, Eddie is prone to laziness and likes to lie around, play video games, and eat junk food. He is encouraged by his parents to visit his grandmother, Nana Noodleman, which he dislikes as she is usually mean to him. Despite Eddie's rudderless existence, he proves himself a loyal friend to Buster by helping the koala get back on his feet during his lowest point.



For many years, the Noodlemans served as patrons for Buster's shows, but after one too many bombs, Eddie's father cut off their funding. Over lunch, Buster tells Eddie that with the Moon Theater in decline and debts piling up, he is putting his hopes in a singing competition to restore his fortunes. Eddie is skeptical, claiming that no one would be interested, but Buster is undeterred. Later, Eddie visits the Moon Theater just after the auditions end. To Buster's shock, Eddie points out that his flyers advertised a much more prize money than planned. After his contestants to wait, Buster takes Eddie to his office, who again claims that the competition will not save the Moon Theater, and that Buster would be better off moving on. Buster responds by showing Eddie his father's car-washing bucket, and tells Eddie about the money the old koala saved over years of work to purchase the theater for his son.

That night, Eddie goes for an evening swim, only to be startled by Buster. While the two play video games, Eddie tells Buster about his mandatory household chores, including visiting his "nana". Realizing that this ewe is none other than actress Nana Noodleman, who used to perform at the Moon Theater before it was purchased by Buster's father, Buster convinces Eddie to let him join their next meeting. Nana scoffs at Buster's claims that his theater retained the wonder and magic of old, but out of boredom agrees to attend a special rehearsal featuring the contestants.

Both Eddie and Nana are stunned by the makeshift glass stage full of water and bioluminescent squids constructed for the rehearsal. Before the show can begin, however, three bear gangsters trespass and demand money owed them by the contestant Mike. The altercation accidentally breaks the glass stage, and Eddie has just enough time to warn Buster before the theater floods. As the water destroys the building, Eddie quickly evacuates Nana, and the two leave despite Buster's begging. Soon, after, the Moon Theater collapses.

With the destruction of his beloved theater, Buster is without a home or hope; Eddie generously provides his friend a place to stay, in his parents' pool house. One day, Eddie receives a call from Buster to bring a spare Speedo. He finds the koala despondently washing cars using his fur, and cheers Buster up by using his wool to dry. When Buster is reinvigorated by hearing Meena sing, Eddie helps construct an open-air stage in the theater ruins for an impromptu concert. Under Meena's tutelage, Eddie also becomes a competent stagehand and works the lights and sound effects. The concert is a huge success, impressing Nana Noodleman enough to buy the theater property and fund the construction of the New Moon Theater; she and Eddie attend its grand opening.

"Eddie's Life Coach"

While Eddie watches TV, he sees an advertisement for a digital training seminar hosted by self-help guru Garry "The Winner" Wishmann. Eddie is unimpressed, but learns that his mother signed him up for the program, and will be kicked out if he fails to provide her with the certificate of completion. At first, Eddie is unenthused with his new schedule, which requires him to wake up early, regularly exercise, and eat healthier. Over time, however, Eddie becomes used to the "Winner" routine.

At the end of the week, Eddie expects his certificate, but is told he must send Garry an additional $99.95 to receive it. Angry, Eddie climbs Garry's steps to confront him in person. It turns out Garry is himself a lazy slacker who began the seminar at the behest of his parents, who threatened him with expulsion otherwise. Realizing that they both have a lot in common, both Eddie and Garry ditch the "Winner" lifestyle and play video games.


A singing competition? Who wants to see another one of those?
~ Eddie criticizing Buster's plans
Buster, what do you expect? She's like 200 years old.
~ Eddie on Miss Crawly's flyer typo
Look, maybe it's time to stop thinking, and it's time to just move on. I mean, this theater of yours, you could get some decent money for it and... I don't know, maybe we could do something together.
~ Eddie to Buster
She is one mean sheep.
~ Eddie talking about Nana Noodleman
Buster, look out!
~ Eddie moments before the Moon Theater is flooded
You know what's great about hitting rock bottom? There's only one way left to go, and that's up! Come on. You wash, I'll dry.
~ Eddie assisting Buster with car-washing


  • Eddie's video game console in his parent's pool house resembles an original Sony PlayStation.
  • Eddie's ringtone is "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham!.
  • Eddie is the only character to call Buster by his first name.


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