Let's hit it!
~ Eddie's most famous quote
I had to prove to myself and to the world that I could do this without cheating.
~ Eddie wants to redeem himself after he cheated

Eddie Plant is one of the main characters and a minor antagonist turned anti-hero in the 2015 Sony critically panned comedy and action film, Pixels.

He was portrayed by Peter Dinklage who also portrays Tyrion Lannister and Mighty Eagle


As a kid, he beat Sam Brenner in a Donkey Kong tournament by cheating (he had cheat codes written on the inside of his glasses) and was wrongfully crowned Donkey Kong champion of the world due to him being a cheater.

Years later, when Earth was under attack from aliens mimicking 80's arcade games, Eddie was recruited to help fight them. He was in jail for fraud and promised to help under the condition that he receive a private island, a threesome with Serena Williams and Martha Stewart, and never have to pay taxes again. When the team fought a giant Pac-Man rampaging through New York, Eddie used his cheat codes again, resulting in the aliens launching a full-scale invasion as retribution.

After the aliens were defeated, Eddie apologized to Sam for cheating and acknowledged him as the Donkey Kong champion of the world.


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