Once more, into the breach, dear friends.
~ Edgar to his crew

Edgar is the titular hero of the Edgar and the Voyagers miniseries of Cartoon Monsoon.


Early Life

Edgar was born to a caring family and lived in a wealthy house until his parents were taken by his 13th birthday. He teamed up with his parents' right-hand man, Cletus and a group of Russian commandos known as the Voyagers.

The Quest

Edgar was ready to find his parents and found a piece of paper that reads out "If a treasure you hold dear requires a trusty berth, the hiding place most free from fear would be the belly of the Earth." This gave he and his crew an idea to use his prized vehicle the Gopher to dig into the center of the Earth, where he found a civilization of robots led by robotic versions of his parents. He, Cletus and the Voyagers were locked up, where they met a friendly robot named Lux, who is the only one made by Edgar's parents. She helped them out and revealed to him the resting place of the robot parents. He also found a robotic version of himself, where he unintentionally activated Robo-Edgar. The robotic counterpart caused tons of chaos, destroying buildings. Edgar tricked the robot into destroying his mech. Lux helped Edgar, Cletus and his crew out of the area, where they find a civilization run by insectoid creatures.


Edgar is an optimistic man and is curious on doing adventures with Cletus and the Voyagers.


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