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Edge Maverick is the captain of the SRF-003 Calnus, and the main protagonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Edge is a stereotypical hero, with blonde hair, strong beliefs and uses a sword in battle.


Young man who volunteered in the first phase space pioneer Corps (SRF). Reimi Saionji and the childhood friend. Positive and youth any time. It was a crew of spacecraft Karunasu, but warp accident to the planet Eiosu is to Dokan of captain in the opportunity. Trust the fellow, feeling that caring is a harder than others, has also been asked the full confidence from the crew. And rival the Crow, goal is to catch up with him. Falls short of Crow, Edge also excellence in more than decent. It called Fortune Baby, existence with a Moorish gene. It has a coat of arms on the right back of the hand. Capacity tolerance and intuition for the harsh environment, three of the emblem surgery. Use weapons sword (on the grounds that "the other is not used well weapon", there was no weapon sword only normally used after all). Deathblow to learn is there are many things that demonstrate the performance at the time of the one body opponent. Shooting using a gun (we also relationship has been granted ability) It seems weak. Emblem surgery at the beginning of the story and I will be able to use.

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