Rule number one: never go anywhere without your trusted frying pan!
~ Eduardo Ramirez

Eduardo Ramirez is a character in the Facebook hidden object game Criminal Case. He is a field-officer-turned-consultant of the Grimsborough Police Department who also briefly worked as a private detective in Pacific Bay.


Ramirez, a man of 41 years of age, has short black hair, light brown eyes, and a mustache above his lips.

During his days in the Grimsborough PD, Ramirez wore a standard Grimsborough Police uniform, consisting of a police cap with the logo of a badge in-front, a dark-blue police shirt containing pockets on both the sides, and the logo of the Grimsborough PD on both the sleeves of the shirt.

As a private detective in Pacific Bay, Ramirez wore a beige trenchcoat over a green, red and yellow Hawaiian shirt and a dark brown fedora.

When Ramirez returns to the Grimborough PD as a consultant, he is now 46 years old. He keeps wearing the trenchcoat and fedora from Pacific Bay, but replaces the Hawaiian shirt with a white shirt with a black tie.

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